President Trump has been tweeting a lot recently, even by the standards of President Trump. He tweeted more than 30 times before 9 a.m. Tuesday, after tweeting nearly twice that much Monday and hundreds of times over the weekend. His Twitter feed has evolved since earlier in his presidency and is now a flurry of original tweets, tweets commenting on other tweets and retweets of random other people, often multiple times in a row.

If Trump’s Twitter feed is, as he claims, his direct voice to the people, what the people are hearing these days is a lot of scattered shouting from Trump and his allies about a random collection of complaints, beefs and accusations. The sort of tweet we expect from a president — happy Mother’s Day, etc. — is buried under dozens of retweets of secondary Fox News figures alleging vast conspiracies focused on our ever-suffering chief executive.

All of this tweeting does lead one to wonder: Exactly how much time is Trump spending on tweeting?

Assessing this question depends on how long it actually takes Trump to tweet, a question that has no clear answer. We know how Trump used to tweet, shouting out his bon mots to staff members while at work during the campaign. We know, too, that it can take him an awful long time to complete a thought when he’s doing it himself. The gap between the first and second tweets from Trump in a chain (back before Twitter allowed for the posting of entire threads of tweets at once) averaged 6½ minutes early last year — suggesting that it took Trump about that long to formulate the well-crafted missives we all enjoy.

Let’s be generous and say it takes Trump one minute to write an original tweet, including his quote-tweets, those tweets in which he opines on another tweet he’s come across. (Like this one.) Let’s say, too, that it only takes him a second to retweet someone else’s tweet.

How much time would that mean Trump has spent on Twitter as president? A lot.

How long do you think it takes Trump to...

Tweet? 1 minute

Retweet? 1 second

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As the interactive graphic above shows, by those measures Trump has spent nearly 10 full days as president doing nothing but tweeting. Nearly three days of that time have been spent tweeting between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on a weekday.

You’ll notice, though, that you can set your own estimates for how long Trump spends on each type of tweet. Maybe you think he takes that full 6½ minutes to put together each tweet. If so, he’s spent nearly 63 days of his 1,200-or-so days in office doing nothing but updating @realDonaldTrump. If you think it takes him longer to retweet, perhaps because he’s searching out new praise or new allegations to promote, the numbers get a lot bigger quite quickly.

Or perhaps you want to go in the other direction. Perhaps you think that Trump spends only 10 seconds on an original tweet and that same one second on a retweet. Even so, he’s spent more than a day and a half tweeting, including about 12 hours during what constitutes normal work hours for normal people.

There are a lot of asterisks here, of course. One is that Trump isn’t the only person to tweet from his account. Dan Scavino, who has helped manage Trump’s social media presence since the campaign, can tweet from the account as well. Maybe he’s done a few hours of the totals above. Or maybe Trump’s proud real-talking on Twitter is more of a function of group consensus than he lets on, pushing up the average time each tweet takes to create.

We can say with certainty, though, that the blizzard of tweets that Trump’s dropped in the past few days is all Trump — all laden with the seething insistence that defines his presence on the platform in the past 12 months. However much time he actually spends on it, it’s clear that Trump sees it as time well spent.