Over the course of six minutes on Tuesday night, former Florida attorney general Pam Bondi was supposed to prosecute an airtight case against former vice president Joe Biden. Instead, she merely rehashed long-debunked assertions that President Trump’s team made during his impeachment trial and reintroduced a number of other problems for Trump that were otherwise lying dormant.

Bondi began by trying to re-litigate claims that Biden had improperly intervened in Ukraine to protect his son Hunter. The details of these assertions will be familiar to anyone who’d paid attention in late 2019 and early 2020, when Trump was impeached by the House and acquitted by the Senate. Trump had tried, without success, to pressure the president of Ukraine to announce an investigation that would impugn Biden. That’s probably in part because the case Trump — and, on Tuesday, Bondi — made was false, involving both misrepresentations of what happened and a reliance on dishonest assertions from a former Ukrainian official.

She then made similar claims, also ones promoted by Trump as he sought to defend himself from being removed from office, alleging improper behavior by Hunter Biden in relation to China. (That included disparaging alleged interactions with “communist bankers,” something of an oxymoron.) Those claims about China were also broadly false.

Notice that we can’t discuss these claims from Bondi without repeatedly mentioning that Donald Trump was the third president in history to be impeached after the House found that he abused his power in an effort to do precisely what Bondi was doing: using Hunter Biden’s work in Ukraine as a campaign gambit against his father. This was probably not the goal of Bondi’s speech.

But she wasn’t done. She criticized Biden on the basis of “numerous press reports that have shown other close Biden family members benefited from Joe’s 47-year political career.” It’s an ironic charge to make in general, but specifically from that stage on that night. As she spoke, CNN displayed a ticker of the speakers to come: Tiffany Trump. Then Eric Trump.

After Bondi finished speaking, the convention showed a video featuring women and mothers who work in the White House — including Ivanka Trump, now a government employee, alongside her husband.

By speaking during the convention, though, Bondi sent messages that weren't included in her script. Her presence, for example, served as a reminder of the time that she declined to investigate Trump University, despite it being accused of fraud, after receiving a campaign contribution from Donald Trump. A bribery complaint based on that interaction was eventually dismissed for a lack of evidence.

That political donation, though, was issued by Trump’s personal foundation, which is a violation of the law. Shortly before the 2016 election, the foundation had to pay a fine as a result.

Which brings up the foundation. A number of incidents in which the foundation illegally spent money to benefit Trump led to the president’s paying a $2 million fine in 2019. He’d already agreed to shut the foundation down after the state of New York ordered it to stop accepting contributions.

There’s one last irony. Bondi took the stage Tuesday to criticize Hunter Biden for taking foreign money, even as she actively serves as a registered lobbyist for Qatar. That employment comes despite Trump’s promise that executive branch officials would be barred from lobbying on behalf of a foreign government, a prohibition that would seemingly apply to Bondi, given that the White House hired her to help with its impeachment case.

In other words, Bondi has already tried to help Trump to win a vote by making false assertions about Joe Biden — and has already lost.