It’s fair to say the political world has changed a bit since 2015, when The Fix last compiled a list of the best political reporters in each of the 50 states and Washington, D.C.

The media world has changed dramatically, too, mostly in ways that make it even more arduous for journalists outside of a few large national outlets to hold the powerful to account: shrinking budgets, dwindling staff to cover state issues or supervise coverage of it, and rampant disinformation online that confuses consumers and sows distrust, including of the media.

Good reporters are critically important to their readership, even more so ahead of a nationwide election that is happening amid a pandemic, that includes loads of races for state and local offices, as well as a presidential vote, and that could be complicated as Americans adjust to new, expanded vote-by-mail procedures.

State politics reporters will be working extra hard over the next two months — or however long it will take to know the results — so it’s to everyone’s benefit to identify and amplify them.

So, let’s update our list. We need readers to tell us who their favorite reporters are for information on state politics. We’ll round up some standouts among those you tell us about and compile a list of them here on The Fix and on Twitter.

To tell us who should be on the list, complete the form below, or tweet at me (@theFix or @NatalieJennings) to tell us about them.