Previous versions of this post said Montana and New Hampshire this year banned abortion after 12 weeks. Specifically, bans were signed into law in those states that ban abortion at 20 and 24 weeks, respectively. Montana's law is scheduled to go into effect in October but is facing a court challenge. New Hampshire's became law in July.

Texas has effectively banned most abortions, and a conservative Supreme Court has allowed the law to stay in effect while the battle over its legality continues.

What does the statute mean for legalized abortion in Texas, and what are the ramifications for the rest of America?

Let’s review.

What to know

  • What does the Texas abortion law say?
  • What did the Supreme Court do to keep the law in place?
  • What does this mean for abortion restrictions in other states?
  • Could Roe v. Wade still stand a chance?
  • Where do things stand right now in Texas for abortion providers and women seeking abortions?
  • What happens next in the courts