Update: Officials said the migrant camp had been cleared. Below is how the camp — and criticism of the Biden administration’s treatment of these migrants — came to be.

Thousands of Haitians are sleeping under a border bridge in South Texas as they try to illegally make a home in the United States, the latest example of a desperate group of people seeking haven in the U.S.

The fresh humanitarian crisis snagged Washington’s attention as photos and video of Border Patrol agents on horses chasing Haitian migrants got national attention. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said he was “horrified” by the images, and fellow Democrats have been outraged over how the Biden administration is handling these Haitian migrants at the border. The U.S. envoy to Haiti resigned, saying he couldn’t be associated with these deportations, calling the policy “inhumane” and “counterproductive.”

But the United States started nearly doubling deportations of Haitians at the border as officials try to empty this makeshift border camp.

Let’s explore what’s going on.