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Republican Rep. Long falsely claims Democrats ‘rigged the election’ in Senate campaign ad

Long, locked in a competitive GOP primary, attacks Democrats and echoes former president Donald Trump’s baseless claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him

Billy Long speaks to supporters at an election-night rally in Springfield, Mo., on Nov. 2, 2010. Long, a conservative from southwestern Missouri, is entering the crowded race for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Missouri. (Jeff Roberson/AP)
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Republican Rep. Billy Long (Mo.) falsely claims Democrats “rigged” the 2020 election in a new ad for his Senate campaign, echoing the baseless and debunked claims of former president Donald Trump.

There is no evidence that the 2020 presidential election was rigged.

“I’m running for Senate to stop the insanity, stop the wokeness, and stop the Democrats from stealing another election,” Long claims in the campaign video in which he calls President Biden and the Democrats “far-left crazies.”

Long, who has represented Missouri’s 7th Congressional District since 2011, also touted his connections to Trump in his campaign ad, saying he was “one of the first” public officials to support the former president’s 2016 campaign.

On Twitter, Long has been a big promoter of “the big lie” — Trump’s unsubstantiated claims that the election was stolen. He’s tweeted that Jan. 20, 2020 — Biden’s Inauguration Day — is a date “which will live in infamy,” a phrase associated with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Long, a former auctioneer, is running in a packed Republican primary that includes fellow Rep. Vicky Hartzler and former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, a Trump ally. While Trump hasn’t yet endorsed anyone in the race, people close to him — including pollster Tony Fabrizio and Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr.'s fiancee — are working for Greitens’s campaign. All are running to replace Sen. Roy Blunt (R), who said last March that he would not run for reelection.

Spokespeople for Long did not immediately respond to a request for comment on what evidence Long has that the election was “rigged.”

In a statement, the campaign said, “the election of 2020 was the greatest theft of an election in America history. As Senator, Long promises to block the Democrats’ extremist efforts to change voting laws to their benefit and promises to prevent another stolen election.”

Long’s ad ignores the fact that he was on the same ballot as Trump and won reelection in 2020 along with other congressional Republicans, a point Biden underscored in his speech on Jan. 6 at the Capitol.

“There is simply zero proof the election results were inaccurate,” Biden said, adding that “the former president and his supporters have never been able to explain how they accept as accurate the other election results that took place on November 3rd — the elections for governor, United States Senate, the House of Representatives — elections in which they closed the gap in the House. They challenge none of that. … Somehow, those results were accurate on the same ballot, but the presidential race was flawed?”