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Post Politics Now It’s a big week on the world stage for Biden

President Biden arrives at Westminster Abbey in London for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. (James Manning/Pool/AP)

Today, President Biden returned to Washington after attending the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London. It’s a big week on the world stage for the American president: He is scheduled to address the United Nations General Assembly, hold a meeting with new British Prime Minister Liz Truss and host a reception for world leaders in New York.

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On Sunday night, Biden made multiple headlines in an interview that aired on “60 Minutes,” declaring that the coronavirus pandemic is over and saying U.S. troops would defend Taiwan in the event of an attack from China. Biden also hedged about whether he plans to seek reelection in 2024, saying that is his intention but that “it’s just an intention.”

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  • 5 a.m. Eastern time (10 a.m. in London): Biden and first lady Jill Biden attended the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • 5:05 p.m. Eastern: The Bidens returned to the White House.

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