An illustration shows the United States Capitol building painted red. An oversized “I voted” sticker is affixed to the dome.

Comic: What Congress’s next 2 years could look like after the midterms

1 min

This month, voters will determine which party controls Congress for the next two years. Democrats currently control both the House and Senate. Republicans had a chance to win majorities in one or both, but it now looks like a competitive battle.

The outcome of the midterm elections will shape what gets done in Washington in the two years before the 2024 presidential election. In this comic, illustrated by Ellen Lindner and featuring analysis by Washington Post politics reporter Amber Phillips, we break down the three likeliest scenarios for who will win control of Congress, and what they have said they will do in power.

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Editing by Phoebe Connelly, Sophia Nguyen and Annah Aschbrenner. Art direction and script adaptation by Hannah Good. Design editing by Chloe Meister. Copy editing by Susan Doyle. Liz Goodwin contributed reporting.