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Post Politics Now Biden hails economic progress, warns of chaos if GOP policies prevail

President Biden gives an economic speech in Springfield, Va., Thursday. (Nathan Howard/Bloomberg News)

Today, President Biden is touting the economic accomplishments of Democrats and bashing proposals by Republican lawmakers to impose a national sales tax and make cuts to Medicare and Social Security — plans that are not fully embraced by the GOP but are providing Democrats with fodder for attacks. Welcoming the latest economic news on gross domestic product, Biden asked a rhetorical question, “Why in God’s name would Americans give up the progress we made for the chaos they’re suggesting?”

A defiant Biden said he would not negotiate with House Republicans who are threatening an economy-rattling default on the debt if they don’t get unspecified cuts in spending. “I will not let anyone use the full faith and credit of the United States as a bargaining chip,” Biden said. “We pay our debts.” The speech, a potential preview of what Biden might say on the campaign trail in 2024, comes as the White House and House Republicans remain in a standoff over raising the debt ceiling. Republicans voted to raise the debt ceiling three times under President Donald Trump, without cuts in spending.

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