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Do we know how big Trump’s Waco rally was? We answered your questions.

Brianna Tucker and national political reporter Isaac Arnsdorf answered your questions on 2024, D.C. statehood and more

Politics editor Brianna Tucker
Every Tuesday, politics editor Brianna Tucker answers your questions about Campaign 2024 with a reporter covering the race. (Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)

On Saturday, former president Donald Trump held his first mega-rally of his 2024 campaign in Waco, Tex., where he continued to criticize top GOP rival Ron DeSantis. The Florida governor isn’t expected to announce a presidential bid until at least May, but Trump’s escalating attacks and early resurgence amid criminal investigations has raised speculation about how DeSantis and other 2024 GOP contenders will respond.

I’m Brianna Tucker, a deputy politics editor for The Washington Post. I’ve covered Congress, climate and three election cycles and was tuned in to all 15 rounds of Republican Kevin McCarthy’s path to the speakership in the House — shout-out to C-SPAN. I’m answering your questions every Tuesday about politics and 2024, and I’m sharing the inside scoop from our reporters on the campaign trail.

I was joined this week by Isaac Arnsdorf for my chat. Isaac covers Trump, the “Make America Great Again” political movement, and the elected officials, activists, donors and media figures on the right who are powering the Republican Party.

This week’s chat is over, but you can read a transcript of it below. Questions may be edited for accuracy and clarity. Submit your question for our next chat on Tuesday, April 4 in advance here.

Alexandra Pannoni, newsroom talent and community editor, produced this Q&A.

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