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What can young Wisconsin voters tell us about abortion rights? Answers to your questions.

Brianna Tucker and national politics reporter Sabrina Rodriguez chatted with readers on the recent Wisconsin election

Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Janet Protasiewicz, a liberal, celebrates after the race was called for her during a watch party in Milwaukee on April 4. (Evelyn Hockstein/Reuters)

I’m Brianna Tucker, a deputy politics editor for The Washington Post. I’ve covered Congress, climate and three election cycles, and I was tuned in to all 15 rounds of Republican House member Kevin McCarthy’s push for the speakership. (Shout-out to C-SPAN.) I answer your questions every Tuesday about politics and 2024, and share the inside scoop from our reporters on the campaign trail.

This week I was joined by national politics reporter Sabrina Rodriguez. Sabrina chronicles the evolving demographics in battleground states and the ways that candidates, campaigns and interest groups seek to mobilize voter blocs large and small. She recently spent the day with the head of the North Carolina Democratic Party, 25-year-old Anderson Clayton (the youngest state Democratic chair in the country), and covered Latino voting power in Chicago’s mayoral race.

This chat is over, but you can read a transcript of it below. Questions may be edited for accuracy and clarity.

Alexandra Pannoni, newsroom talent and community editor, produced this Q&A.