The lengths to which the former GOP fundraiser would go to impress Trump — and to advance his Ukraine agenda as ambassador to the E.U. — are a likely focus of his scheduled testimony in the House this week.

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In this special debate day edition: The questions everyone is asking; the candidates left outside the hall; and the polls that explain why everyone not named "Elizabeth Warren" is worried.

As they return from recess, lawmakers have summoned another key State Department official to testify behind closed doors Tuesday about the Ukraine controversy.

Kent, the deputy assistant secretary of state responsible for Ukraine, is the latest Trump administration official deposed as part of Democrats’ impeachment inquiry of the president.

Trump’s team is adamant he didn’t greenlight Turkey’s Syria invasion. But he sure seemed to imply it.

It may not have been explicit, but it was unmistakable.

The 5-Minute Fix newsletter is going 5 days a week to cover the impeachment inquiry

The Fix's newsletter is expanding to keep up with all the impeachment news.

The revenge of John Bolton?

After a Bolton adviser said he likened Rudy Giuliani to an "hand grenade," Giuliani responded by calling Bolton an "atomic bomb." It may be truer than he knows.

Lawmakers return to Washington Tuesday after a two-week recess in which they made progress in explaining Trump’s pressure on Ukraine for election help, the crux of their inquiry.

Twelve Democratic candidates will be on stage at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday for a debate shown on CNN.

Matt Orfalea, 34, stepped back after a Sanders critic dredged up unseemly old videos. 

The president has repeatedly gotten into trouble by ignoring advisers trying to look out for him.

The former New York mayor and personal Trump attorney said the money he received was legitimate.

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Trump's effort to portray Fox News polls as inaccurate took a body blow Tuesday morning.

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YouTube and Facebook added age restrictions.

In a televised interview, the son of Joe Biden said he regretted giving “unethical people” a pretext to accuse his father of corruption.

Fiona Hill, who resigned from her National Security Council post earlier this year, provided roughly 10 hours of testimony.

Reality is catching up to the president's hype.

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That’s 7 percent ahead of Sanders and 10 percent ahead of Biden.

PFAS are the subject of a new movie and lawmakers' ire.

One liberal group unveils its own shortlist of potential nominees for Democrats.

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