The president didn’t explain what authority he has to scrub the House speaker’s trip, but it probably would require the use of military aircraft controlled by his administration.

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The former lawyer and fixer for Trump said he acted at the direction of the president “out of blind loyalty.”

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By 2020, almost half of them will be eligible to vote in the presidential election, which means their values and opinions will soon begin shaping national politics.

The president made his remarks as he unveiled the first update to U.S. missile doctrine in nine years.

Congressman who yelled ‘go back to Puerto Rico’ apologizes to Latino colleague

“I was shocked, because I often heard those kinds of comments when I was a kid growing up in Pacoima, California, where I was born and raised,” Cárdenas said in an email statement.

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Trump’s petty response to Pelosi is why this shutdown may never end

This is what it's come to.

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Trump used to brag about the click-in online polls his former fixer tried to rig

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump regularly touted unscientific online click-in polls, the sort that Michael Cohen tried to manipulate in at least two instances.

On at least eight occasions in 12 days, Trump has mentioned women with "tape put across their mouths." Human-trafficking experts are perplexed.

A report from Department of Health and Human Services’ inspector general said the federal tracking system has been so poor that the precise number of migrant children separated from their parents is unclear. This is a developing story. It will be updated.

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The new NPR-PBS NewsHour-Marist poll also shows the president's support plunging among independents.

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Attorney general nominee William P. Barr indicated Tuesday he can't release the report directly to the public. But why?

President Trump has signed a bill guaranteeing that federal workers sent home unpaid due to the partial government shutdown will receive retroactive pay--which already had been assured for those who have continued to work without pay in shuttered agencies.

Roles are reversed as a resolution to overturn the deal with Oleg Deripaska falls three votes short.

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Another payment (apart from the one to Stormy Daniels) that might skirt campaign finance laws.

A trio of senators eyeing a presidential run grilled Andrew Wheeler.

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He blasted this "shadow economy" as lawmakers focus on Big Tech.

The onetime adviser to the president spoke out in a Boston Globe interview about his appointment as a fellow at Harvard’s Institute of Politics.

Banks aren't too worried, yet.

Venture capital funding for D.C. cyber firms is up 50 percent since 2015.

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Lord’s Resistance Army rebels believe in spirits. The International Criminal Court isn't taking that into account.

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Giuliani told CNN: "I never said there was no collusion between the campaign or between people in the campaign. . . . I said the president of the United States." This is not what the Trump team said previously.

The pharmaceutical industry is pushing back.

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The opposition is challenging the results -- and Western governments are asking for more information.

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A tweet by Brad Parscale took aim at the spouse of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, a frequent critic of the president.

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