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It is also interesting to note that far more justices have died when a member of the opposite party holds the White House.

Antonin Scalia thinks that the idea that gay couples might adopt children is an argument against gay marriage. (Jewel Sawad / Getty Images)

The Republican front-runner has been impossible to pin down on questions about the Supreme Court, in a way his rivals may be able to exploit.

News of the Supreme Court justice’s passing came just hours before the debate was set to begin.

Clinton rattled off social and political problems, and her audience loudly confirmed that they couldn't be solved simply by reforming the financial sector.

Can Republicans really block Obama’s Supreme Court nomination for a year? Probably.

The 'Thurmond Rule' isn't really a rule.

What happens when a Supreme Court justice passes away?

The short answer: Washington digs in for a fight.

Here’s how CBS should handle Justice Scalia’s death in Saturday night’s debate

The goal should be to find out how the candidates would handle Supreme Court appointments.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, 79, the intellectual cornerstone of the court’s modern conservative wing, died Saturday, according to news reports and the Texas governor's office. Scalia was nom...

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The South Carolina Republican presidential primary is getting nasty, but John Kasich is trying to campaign on "joy" and "happiness."

How two voters hear the president when he talks about the country’s deepening partisan divide.

Speaking at the the fifth annual Humphrey-Mondale dinner, Sanders delivered a high-flying version of his stump speech, while Clinton riffed off the past week's debate.

Jamiel Shaw Sr. has been supporting Trump since last summer, appearing at news conferences and rallies. His son was fatally shot in 2008 by a gang member.

Justice Jane Marum Roush remains in a strange professional limbo as her second appointment expires.

Most still believe Clinton will win the nomination, but her shaky start in Iowa and N.H. exposed weaknesses.

Republican front-runner Donald Trump's new ad, "Jamiel," focuses on illegal immigration.

The Texas senator faces an uphill battle in the South Carolina GOP primary on Feb. 20.

Ted Cruz's campaign uses a combination of attack tactics that creates a misleading impression about Donald Trump's eminent domain case.

The slogan has morphed into a cultural icon, rallying cry and, at times, punchline.

The DNC lifts its ban on donations from lobbyists, which could provide Clinton with additional funds.

An august legislative body honors retailer that senator had invoked in cutting sartorial slur.

Restrictions were introduced by then-candidate Barack Obama in 2008.

Ted Cruz delivers a prayer to 14,000 cheering evangelicals in South Carolina at a Christian rock concert.

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