The latest scandal has renewed the frustrations of women who claim the man who now occupies the Oval Office harassed them.

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The decisions were made at a busy and sometimes tense fall meeting of the DNC.

Lawmakers have said the ads were part of an attempt to sow discord in last year's elections.

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The Trump White House’s increasingly authoritarian response to criticism

The most recent example is Sarah Huckabee Sanders saying questioning John Kelly is “highly inappropriate."

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The White House’s ‘highly inappropriate’ response to a fact-check reveals an authoritarian mindset

The Trump administration flashes its authoritarian streak. Again.

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Trump’s war on the media has a new general: John Kelly

The White House chief of staff has been portrayed in the media as Trump's better angel. But things are changing.

Jessica Leeds was one of 11 women who came forward during the 2016 campaign to accuse Donald Trump of sexual harassment. Their claims, however, did not stop him from getting elected to the most powerful office in the world.

On Saturday, the White House declined to spell out how many families Trump had actually called.

President Trump on Oct. 21 tweeted that he will release the final batch of files related to former president John F. Kennedy's assassination.

A former ethics official raised immediate concerns about the arrangement.

"Meet the Press” asked all women in the U.S. Senate if they had #MeToo stories they felt comfortable sharing.

Bannon keeps in touch with Trump, associates say, as he plots the destruction of the Republican establishment and targets McConnell.

The president said Rep. Frederica Wilson is “killing” the Democratic Party.

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Mistakes were made on top of mistakes on top of mistakes.

The former White House chief strategist said George W. Bush didn't know what he was talking about in his address.

‘They need to handle it,’ said one resident of a flood-ravaged Houston neighborhood. ‘It shouldn’t be up to us, really.’

The White House didn’t back away from the statements about Rep. Frederica S. Wilson, who has accused the president of insensitivity toward a military widow.

The changes come after four American troops were killed this month in Niger.

The president acknowledged that some of his friends have told him to put his phone down.

The asks could derail the carefully crafted package unveiled this week.

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A new look over the issue may give some readers the wrong idea.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders sparred with a CBS correspondent at Friday's news briefing.

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Saying that John Kelly can't be questioned because of his past service is a disservice to the nation.

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