The White House's effort to undermine top infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci drew criticism from a wide range of scientists, academicians and lawmakers.

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Anthony S. Fauci is the latest fall guy in a worsening pandemic, and response.

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The Democratic-controlled states say they will try to have every new medium- and heavy-duty vehicle sold within their borders be electric by 2050.

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Liberal policy wonks have laid out a blueprint for Biden if he wins.

How problematic is Trump’s Roger Stone commutation? Just ask Barr.

Barr said in his confirmation hearing in the past year that a president couldn't give a pardon in exchange for someone promising not to incriminate them.

The White House’s maligning of Anthony Fauci, annotated

The White House has promoted talking points that attack Fauci for saying things Trump said long after health officials changed their tune, and otherwise omit plenty of context. Here's what Fauci said and what we knew at the time.

Roger Stone, and Trump’s extraordinary record on clemency

An inordinate number of Trump’s pardons and commutations have gone to people with either personal or political ties to him, and he has also shown himself willing to intervene in serious cases, such as those involving murder or corruption, that other presidents have avoided.

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It’s a huge shift from just six months ago when the U.S. war against Huawei seemed largely lost.

Alabama Republicans will choose whether Jeff Sessions or Tommy Tuberville will challenge Sen. Doug Jones, while Texas Democrats will pick Sen. John Cornyn’s rival.

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‘We’re going to go all out,’ AFT president Randi Weingarten said of the election.

Joe Biden plans to call Tuesday for ending carbon emissions from power plants within 15 years, a far more ambitious goal than his previous proposals.

Democrats in the lower chamber are feeling more confident by the day, as Trump’s poll numbers drag down Republican candidates.

The Trump campaign is spending big money to promote an ad with a false narrative.

A letter, to be sent to governors imminently, backs away from earlier drafts as recently as Friday that had directed state leaders to deploy the National Guard to help hospitals with daily data submissions.

Many national Democrats support veteran MJ Hegar, but African American state Sen. Royce West is gaining energy from social protests.

While the president has played down the virus and dismissed the warnings of public health experts for months, his recent push has come amid a fresh surge in cases and concern over how to safely reopen schools.

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It’s a useful measure because of the specific qualities of the pandemic in the immediate moment, including the now-rising death rate.

A White House spokesperson said Trump needed more time because he has been focused on the coronavirus and other matters.

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The head of the government's coronavirus response completely failed to see the new surge coming — and denied that it was.

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With the alternative being accountability, Trump's coronavirus response devolves into an attempt to muddy the waters.

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The decision to scale back NEPA will speed the development of pipelines and other infrastructure projects.

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Testing is lagging as Florida sets infection record.

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