Trump pledges to win an immigration fight he didn’t win as president

The former president insists that he will end birthright citizenship in an echo of his 2016 campaign — and his presidency. He can't.

By Philip BumpMay 30, 2023

The status of key investigations involving Donald Trump

What you need to know about the Stormy Daniels case, Mar-a-Lago documents, the Jan. 6 investigations in D.C. and Georgia, the E. Jean Carroll lawsuit and more.

By Shayna Jacobs, Devlin Barrett and Jacqueline AlemanyMay 30, 2023

Debt ceiling deal faces first hurdle in Republican-led House

The deal struck by President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy would raise the debt ceiling for two years — past the 2024 elections — while trimming spending.

By Rachel Siegel, Marianna Sotomayor and Amy B WangMay 30, 2023

Former first lady Rosalynn Carter diagnosed with dementia

The announcement from 95-year-old Rosalynn Carter comes more than three months after husband Jimmy Carter said he was spending his final days in hospice care.

By Timothy BellaMay 30, 2023

Super PAC forms to back Chris Christie’s likely GOP presidential bid

The new group shows how allies are preparing for the entrance of the former governor, who is one of the GOP’s most vociferous critics.

By Maeve RestonMay 30, 2023

Trump vs. DeSantis: It’s about to get weird

It wasn't just the botched Twitter launch; it was everything that followed, and what it portends in a party that has increasingly embraced provocation as policy.

By Aaron BlakeMay 25, 2023

Biden’s problem with the debt ceiling blame game

The president and the Democrats don’t appear to have the upper hand as much as Obama did. In fact, an unprecedented new poll shows slightly more would blame Biden for a default.

By Aaron BlakeMay 25, 2023

4 takeaways from Ron DeSantis’s 2024 launch

Ron DeSantis very gently makes his case for a non-Trump Trump, with culture war bona fides, in a glitchy Twitter announcement forum.

By Aaron BlakeMay 24, 2023

Clarence Thomas’s image takes a hit

While favorable ratings of other justices have declined amid a rough stretch for the Supreme Court, none has done so as much as Clarence Thomas’s.

By Aaron BlakeMay 24, 2023
The FixAnalysis

Biden won’t claim debt ceiling win, because he must play the owned lib

Biden on Sunday declined to say whether he cut a good deal on the debt ceiling, in a remarkable sign of the times.

By Aaron BlakeMay 30, 2023

McCarthy’s sales pitch for his deal: Less money for law enforcement

The IRS has an unavoidable image problem and the House speaker knows it.

By Philip BumpMay 30, 2023

Trump campaign braces for Iowa battle as DeSantis team sees an opening

The former president faces well-funded resistance and other headwinds in the GOP’s first nominating contest, even as he pulls ahead in national polls.

By Isaac Arnsdorf, Hannah Knowles and Josh DawseyMay 30, 2023

Centuries later, Connecticut expunges crimes of accused witches

On Thursday, Connecticut’s Senate passed a resolution absolving dozens of residents convicted and executed for the crime of witchcraft in the 1600s.

By Kyle MelnickMay 30, 2023

What is the debt ceiling?

What happens when Congress raises the debt ceiling? What happens if the government defaults? It will not be pretty if the federal government defaults on the national debt.

By Amber PhillipsMay 29, 2023

Biden, McCarthy turn to selling debt ceiling deal to restive Congress

House GOP and Democratic leaders must overcome numerous hurdles as they assess whether they have enough votes to push through a debt ceiling compromise bill.

By Marianna Sotomayor, Jeff Stein, Azi Paybarah and Tobi RajiMay 28, 2023

Texas Republicans pass voting bills targeting large Democratic county

The new law would single out Houston, with its sizable Black population, for a different election process.

By Patrick MarleyMay 28, 2023

This low-profile committee could sink or save the Biden-McCarthy deal

Kevin McCarthy agreed to add three far-right conservatives to the Rules Committee in order to win enough votes to become House speaker. That trio now holds the fate of this legislation in their hands.

By Paul KaneMay 28, 2023

Women who support Trump cite party, economy over sexual misconduct

Women in a key swing county in Pennsylvania say they'd still vote for Trump, even after a New York jury found Trump liable for sexual abuse and defamation of E. Jean Carroll.

By Colby ItkowitzMay 28, 2023

Biden circle seeks to boost Harris ahead of 2024

Biden's team is seeking to bolster Harris amid renewed questions on his age as he seeks reelection

By Cleve R. Wootson Jr.May 28, 2023

Biden, McCarthy reach ‘agreement in principle’ to raise debt ceiling as default looms

Congress still has to pass the agreement. Otherwise, the U.S. government could run out of cash on June 5.

By Tony Romm, Theodoric Meyer, Leigh Ann Caldwell and Marianna SotomayorMay 27, 2023

California Democrats divided on Dianne Feinstein serving to term’s end

In California, Sen. Dianne Feinstein's health status is still stirring consternation among her supporters and detractors alike.

By Maeve RestonMay 27, 2023

McCarthy’s salesmanship to conservatives to be tested with debt deal

President Biden declared that the final deal must be something he and the House speaker "can sell to both sides." McCarthy faces the tougher test.

By Paul KaneMay 27, 2023

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been impeached. Here’s why.

The attorney general was impeached Saturday by fellow Republicans, the first time in nearly 50 years that an official has been ousted by the Texas legislature.

By Timothy BellaMay 27, 2023
The FixAnalysis

The top 10 Republican presidential candidates for 2024, ranked

A suddenly crowded race to become the Trump alternative is underway as DeSantis cedes some ground.

By Aaron BlakeMay 27, 2023