Earlier rounds of negotiations ended in deals, but Meadows kept the White House dug in.

No election in history has played out against the backdrop of a pandemic, a major recession and a racial reckoning. Even more than ever, it is largely about the incumbent.

The president routinely cries “voter fraud” where none exists. Now he’s railing against legislation that doesn’t exist.

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His effort to compare the pandemic here to the recent surge in Australia is particularly sloppy.

William Barr: Trump’s 2020 wingman

Barr has increasingly stepped outside the usual bounds of an attorney general. That was especially the case this weekend.

Trump’s and the GOP’s glaring inconsistency on executive orders

Many Republicans attacked Obama’s executive actions in the same way Trump has: characterizing them as a failure of leadership and an end-run around Congress.

Trump keeps running roughshod over Congress

And Republicans have largely let him.

Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin also released a long letter defending his ongoing probe into former vice president Joe Biden and Ukraine.

Election officials in multiple states worked to keep polling locations open and staffed to avoid the long lines in previous primaries this year.

An official said the administration is weighing a public health emergency declaration that would let the White House block potentially infected Americans at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Joe Biden is expected to name his running mate this week, ahead of his nominating convention that starts in a week, and pressure on him to pick a Black woman continues.

The pressure escalated as Biden closed in on a public announcement of his choice as vice presidential nominee.

The president’s push to get players on the field came as part of his effort to reopen the country amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Despite the best efforts of him and his team to spin them.

Biden weighs his decision in Rehoboth Beach — amid french fries, funnel cakes and Trump T-shirts.

Michael Brune, the green group’s chief, said he was confident that the former vice president “will be the champion for climate justice that America needs in the White House."

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Unless one considers watching television, playing golf and tweeting to be work.

Alex Morse, the 31-year-old mayor of Holyoke, Mass., apologized for making students at local colleges uncomfortable but said he would remain in the race.

The president has concocted a profile of the presumptive Democratic nominee at odds with much of Biden’s personal and professional life.

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