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A new survey highlights the positive reaction abroad to Biden’s presidency after Trump, but resolving doubts about America’s internal divisions remains his challenge.

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Later Sunday, Biden will travel to Brussels, where he will meet Monday with NATO allies.

Germany and Japan are among the members of the economic club with reservations about confronting a major trading partner.

Biden has been greeted with equal parts optimism and skepticism as the specter of Trump transforms from an active storm to a threatening cloud for many U.S. allies.

New questions about a key GOP impeachment witness for Trump

Revisiting a key witness Republicans cited for Trump's supposed exoneration.

Trump’s ever-present — and still growing — exploitation of the Justice Department

An onslaught of new details suggest we're still really only scratching the surface.

How the Republican Party became the party of Trump

The Post examines how former president Donald Trump took control of the Republican Party and what it means for the party moving forward in this video series.

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The 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act excluded farmworkers, domestic workers and other professions dominated by workers of color.

The attorney general’s announcement comes as the Biden administration faces growing pressure from civil rights groups and state Democrats to more forcefully challenge GOP efforts pass new voting limits.

Republicans are looking to press the issue of Democratic tensions over Israel and possibly force a vote on whether Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) should be allowed to stay on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Trump had promoted hydroxychloroquine and said he had taken the drug himself. Sen. Ron Johnson (Wis.) shared a clip in which he spoke of the supposed benefits of the drug.

Karol Chwiesiuk took a selfie in a senator’s office, officials say.

On the first day of a Group of Seven summit hosted by Britain, the G-7 leaders are also expected to endorse a minimum global tax rate on corporations of at least 15 percent.

Rich democracies meeting in Britain sought to send a message Friday that they were back in business after a surge in vaccinations and the exit of a disruptive American president.

Some Democrats say the threat to voting rights is a national emergency and that spending months on infrastructure distracts from protecting those rights — or doing anything else.

Follow the president-elect’s progress filling nearly 800 positions, among the 1,200 that require Senate confirmation, in this tracker from The Washington Post and the Partnership for Public Service.

Pro- and anti-abortion legislation has become stronger over the past two decades, an indication of what the country would look like without the 1973 precedent.

The Trump administration blocked Democrats’ efforts to unearth documents related to his federally leased D.C. hotel. Not much has changed under Biden.

A conservative group is attacking Democrats for a procedural vote that made no mention of funding Israel.

Omar and several other congresswomen of color hit back in a tweet, calling their criticism of her “Islamophobic” and, in one case, “anti-blackness.”

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