William P. Barr’s first days on the job have been marked by a wave of Trump attacks on the Justice Department or the officials who came before him.

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And Andrew McCabe says it's 'possible' Trump is a Russian asset.

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The Fed has a newfound ability to stock up on government debt.

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The 35-day partial government shutdown exacerbated serious problems afflicting the IRS, according to a report from the National Taxpayer Advocate. The day before the shutdown ended, for example, “over 5 million pieces of mail that had not been batched for processing."

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Tucker Carlson and the oversold ‘Republicans pounce’ complaint

Conservatives including Carlson have objected to a number of headlines in recent weeks, suggesting the media unfairly frames Democratic slip-ups as "Republicans pounce" stories. The data suggest it's a very bipartisan framing.

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Amy Klobuchar may be able to do what Howard Schultz thinks he can do

The senator from Minnesota may be able to win over the centrist independent and Democratic voters that the former Starbucks CEO hopes to gain.

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Roger Stone’s bizarre attack on his judge fits a growing pattern from imperiled Trump aides

His judge has summoned Stone back to court this week after he attacked her in an Instagram post. But it's merely the latest time a Trump ally facing legal jeopardy has gone off the rails.

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The president often flips economic statistics to demonstrate his economic prowess. His recent use of SNAP participation data is no different.

Ross — one of the wealthiest members of President Trump’s Cabinet — did not sell stock he held in a bank, despite reporting otherwise, ethics officials said.

The presidential candidates are tussling over how far left to move policies, as Republicans take aim at their most liberal proposals.

The internal White House battles are detailed in a report released Tuesday by the chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

Onstage interview comes as former VP weighs entering crowded presidential field

Consultant Andy Yates of Red Dome Group denied seeing evidence that a campaign operative directed an illegal scheme to collect mail-in ballots on behalf of Republican Mark Harris.

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In this edition: The subtext of Trump's words on Venezuela, the emergency declaration and 2020, and how this time is different for Bernie Sanders.

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A poll also found wide partisan splits on whether Trump has exacerbated racism in the country.

Trump is setting low expectations for next week’s meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Hanoi.

In morning tweets, Trump characterized the 16 states taking action as led mostly by “the Radical Left.” He later told reporters he has an “open and closed” case.

Trump initially pressed for a new military department, complete with its own service secretary.

King was stripped of his roles in January, after he questioned in a New York Times interview why terms like "white supremacist" were offensive.

The chief justice said a Texas court did not comply with instructions in reviewing an inmate’s mental health.

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Nearly two years later, it's easy to forget the tension of the moment.

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