Romney had previously called Trump “a phony” and “a fraud."

Mitt Romney speaks about the tech sector during an industry conference in Salt Lake City. (Rick Bowmer/AP)

The survey of scholars shows that, even among Republicans, he ranks 40th out of 44.

Justice says his colleagues are turning the Second Amendment into a “disfavored right.”

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In one tweet, at least three false claims.

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What Trump left out of his tweets about Facebook and Russia

Facebook ads were more about sowing discord than boosting Trump, but the ads were just one small part of a bigger, pro-Trump plot.

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Trump lashes out at Oprah on Twitter, calling her ‘insecure’

The president blasted the former talk-show host for her "60 Minutes” interview.

Trump said the original boundaries drawn by Republicans and overturned by the state's Supreme Court were “correct.”

Should providers focus on quality or quantity?

Trump still has a chance to make environmentalists happy on at least one issue.

Elections experts say the new maps are “fairer,” “more compact” and “much more competitive.”

"These accusations are simply not true and are inconsistent with my personal value system,” California Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia said.

Several trade actions are pending.

The kids are alright.

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen and others are considered to represent a European far-right that has mostly run out of steam.

Low-turnout elections also empower special interest groups — but again, not by much.

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The last time salary rates were frozen, some employees received individual raises.

They're following in a long tradition of smugglers, Islamist militants and slave traders.

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Although Missouri has become a reliably red state, Democrats are hopeful that the frustration felt by many women here will influence the way they vote in the midterm elections this fall.

This is how you make dead Russians disappear.

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While the survey illustrates the differences in the country over how to respond to gun violence, it also highlights the intense frustration with the lack of any policy response coming out of Washington despite a series of horrific shootings in recent years.

A near-death experience has given the former homeland security secretary fresh perspective on life and living.

Rachel Crooks, one of “The Nineteen,” also has to keep asking herself: Will it ever make a difference?

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