In Michigan, which helped deliver Trump the presidency, many of his supporters find his stand for a border wall too disruptive, even for him.

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In a statement, the president’s personal lawyer says his remarks on “Meet the Press” on Sunday were “hypothetical” and not based on talks with Trump.

President Trump and Vice President Pence briefly visited the slain civil rights leader’s memorial in Washington.

Sin-ri base is said to be the headquarters of Pyongyang’s strategic missile force, U.S. think tank says.

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Trump says Democrats used to be for new border barriers. He’s right.

Every Senate Democrat voted for new border barriers along the southern border as part of an immigration overhaul bill in 2013. Now Democrats are refusing President Trump's request for what they say is an unnecessary wall.

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Mueller publicly disputed the BuzzFeed report. Here’s why it’s a such rare move for a prosecutor.

Mueller publicly countered the BuzzFeed report. Here's why that's a rare move for a prosecutor.

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BuzzFeed’s Trump-Cohen bombshell dominated the morning news shows — except on ‘Fox & Friends’

The "unbelievable" story on the president's favorite morning news show? The migrant caravan lead the report on "Fox & Friends."

The Washington Post interviewed more than 40 GOP senators and aides, and found lawmakers firmly standing with Trump even as the GOP bears the brunt of the blame for the impasse.

In “Team of Vipers,” the former White House communications aide recounts scenes of chaos, dysfunction and duplicity among the president, his family members and administration officials.

Congress this week is poised to pursue two diverging strategies for ending the partial government shutdown, but it is far from clear how Republicans and Democrats will reconcile their differences and reopen the government.

The "West Wing" creator said the "new crop" of Dems "now need to stop acting like young people."

The rapper, who recently posted a rant against President Trump for not ending the government shutdown, snapped at the former TV host.

A policy guide to the California senator running for president.

The Democratic senator from California joins a crowded field as she tries to break several barriers.

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The term has had an extensive run in Washington punditry under Trump.

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This one graph explains.

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Africa's election observers are getting more actively involved in helping elections run freely and fairly.

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Midway through his term, the president has accumulated many, many Pinocchios.

The squabbling is the latest sign that both sides remain far apart as the longest government shutdown in history drags on and as states scramble to mitigate the impact.

The president is trying to bend Congress to his will in the shutdown fight, but his negotiating skills appear to be falling short. “It’s like McDonald’s not being able to make a hamburger,” one critic said.

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In this special, shorter Martin Luther King Jr. Day edition: Gillibrand on the trail, the Democrats' secular holiday and the Larry Hogan fan club.

The 2018 Democratic nominee for Georgia governor embarks Monday on a “thank you” tour of the state as she nears a decision on what to seek next.

The vice president quoted from King’s “I Have a Dream” speech as he defended the president's latest pitch to secure funding for a barrier along the United States’ southern border.

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