Support for the Middle Eastern democracy had ebbed as President Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu became fast allies, fracturing what has been decades of bipartisan support for Israel.

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Territorial politics isn’t a real estate deal.

  • Stacie E. Goddard
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A divided Congress and the lack of a guaranteed victory lessen the odds of its departure.

Why is Trump trying to import Greenlandic socialism?

It's not clear whether Trump intended to make Greenland a state, but what would it mean if he did?

The Wall Street Journal tried to gently shift trade-war blame away from Trump. He savaged it anyway.

The editorial board suggested Trump was ill-served by his advisers. He dedicated a portion of his speech to attacking it anyway.

Corey Lewandowski’s potential New Hampshire Senate run is a very Trumpian move

Trump's former campaign manager is the latest, and brashest, politician to ignore all the rules of political decency and seriously consider running for office anyway.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse draws right’s ire; he says he was cautioning the court, not threatening it.

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New Pew polling shows that he's not the second choice of most supporters of his opponents.

The two sides are close to agreement on an initial withdrawal in exchange for concessions by the militants and wider peace negotiations, officials said.

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Trump offers his hardcore fans something Democrats can never offer.

The president’s former campaign manager, who received a subpoena Thursday, is mulling a Senate bid from New Hampshire. He said he’ll decide whether to run in October.

Critics call it confiscation.

The Massachusetts Democrat has been targeted by President Trump for her past claims of Native American ancestry.

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While the claim isn't new, it comes at a tricky time for the conspiracy theory's adherents.

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The poll shows Trump sinking into the 30s in percentage of the vote in the general election, but that's not the worst of it.

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The man had just ripped a banner away from actual protesters.

The former South Carolina governor and congressman said he found people “open and receptive” to the idea during a visit to New Hampshire this week.

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Here’s the real problem.

  • Anne Irfan, Jo Kelcey
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Child trust funds have never been fully tested in the way Booker envisions, after an experiment in the United Kingdom was cut short a decade ago.

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NGOs may wield more power than you think.

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