House Democrats issued an April 2 deadline for the attorney general to provide Congress with a copy of the special counsel’s report.

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Investigators in the House are focused on questioning why Attorney General William P. Barr decided that President Trump should not face obstruction of justice charges.

“How can they be trusted again?” is the gist of their aggressive strategy.

The president’s allies see a new invigoration, and Democrats look for a renewed chance to focus on kitchen-table issues.

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Michael Avenatti’s spectacular fall from (brief) grace

The guy who helped implicate the president in a felony has had nothing but problems since.

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What Barr’s letter does — and doesn’t — tell us about proving conspiracy and collusion

Mueller "did not establish" collusion, conspiracy or coordination. He also didn't refute it.

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For many of his critics, Trump is still ‘unfit’ to be president

Those most opposed to theTrump presidency point to a host of factors to explain why he did not get their vote and why they will not be backing in his reelection.

An attorney for George Papadopoulos, a former campaign adviser to President Trump, has already submitted an application to the White House for a pardon.

A fierce debate continued Monday about the implications of a report that cleared Trump of coordinating with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign but reached no conclusion about attempted obstruction of justice.

“There was a time when support for Israel was not a partisan issue in Congress,” the vice president said, later adding: “How things have changed.”

The dilemma for his campaign: Stick with the 2016 approach or define himself more intimately as he faces a field with diverse life stories.

Attorney General William P. Barr’s summary provided no details about Mueller’s specific findings, leaving unresolved a number of investigative strands made public over the course of the 22-month investigation.

The two-term senator said he wants to find “new ways to serve” his state and country.

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Yes, young voters surged in Texas last year — but that surge wasn't unique to the state.

Graham told reporters Monday he advised McCain to hand over the dossier. President Trump has been relentlessly attacking the late senator over the issue.

The foreign-owned corporation faces daily fines for not cooperating with grand jury.

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Trump's sweeping assertion that he was exonerated is far from the truth.

While Congress delays food-stamp funding, impoverished Puerto Rico residents have already started cutting back.

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Seven in 10 Americans didn't think Mueller's findings would change their minds about Trump anyway.

The steep decline in public confidence is partly driven by a growing partisan trust gap, data show

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