The comments by John Kelly were out of sync with remarks by Trump, who has reiterated his desire to build a wall along the southern border and have Mexico foot the bill.

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The president said on Twitter that his vision of a wall has “never changed or evolved.”

Trump: Washington ‘is a nasty place’

During a speech in Coraopolis, Pa., on Jan. 18, President Trump called Washington “a nasty place.”

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A rising number of Republicans and Democrats said they oppose the deal, not over immigration but because they are tired of passing stopgap measures.

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Trump is upset John Kelly talked about him like an ‘uninformed’ child. But lots of GOP senators are doing it, too.

Trump responded to his frustration by ... sending off an uninformed tweet.

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Wait, does Trump want a government shutdown? Because it kind of seems like it.

He just took away Republicans' best legislative leverage to avoid a shutdown.

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Donald Trump, congressional arsonist

Trump keeps changing his tune with a government shutdown looming. And Thursday's tweet was the most egregious example yet.

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Even Republicans reject the idea that Trump advocated this month.

"It’s important for the world to know that’s not how we think, that’s not how we feel,” Rep. Cedric L. Richmond (D-La.) said at a Thursday afternoon news conference. “The people from these countries, the leadership of these countries, were hurt."

President Trump has a lot of potential conflicts of interest as president – but there's no law that specifically requires a commander in chief to remove themselves from all of their business interests. The Fix's Peter W. Stevenson explains why presidents usually put their assets in a "blind trust" to avoid problems.

The president is expected to sign the program into law, reauthorizing the spy community’s prize surveillance tool for another six years.

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Trump's disdain for much of the world is mutual.

A survey finds the party's base skeptical about a celebrity swooping in to win the primary.

“He’s a person who is susceptible to hearing different arguments,” a top GOP senator said.

The president’s trip also comes as Congress is frantically working to avoid a government shutdown, and pass a short-term funding bill to keep the government open.

President Trump said on Jan. 18 that if the government shuts down, "the worst thing is for our military," and that "it's up to the Democrats" to ensure it doesn't happen.

Investigators relented when Bannon’s lawyer said he needed time to coordinate with the White House about executive privilege.

Experts warned that undocumented immigrants who lose work protections if Congress fails to strike a deal on DACA program are likely to be caught up in president’s pledge to target hardened criminals for removal.

So who's to blame for so many empty chairs?

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As demonstrated with a 1-year-old's Duplo blocks.

Lawmakers are scrambling to fix to preserve Congress’s role in approving intelligence spending after language to make it null and void was inserted into the bill, possibly in error.

The administration has lots of explanations.

But has President Trump really come through for them?

The president announces 11 ‘Fake News Awards,’ as a new Rand Corporation study explores the growing disagreement about basic facts.

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