The campaign’s first major public stumble — culminating in a personnel shake-up on the eve of Trump’s rally — served to undercut its well-laid efforts to portray Trump’s 2020 bid as a well-oiled machine ready to carry him to a second term.

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A deal with China looks more remote.

The U.S. has been too slow to respond to China's technological rise.

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Here's what I remember about my first #MAGA rally.

This is Trump’s worst poll number -- and what it means

A look back at how this question has previewed elections in the past.

‘You just can’t cough’: Trump highlights germaphobia and TV past in Mulvaney exchange

President Trump’s exchange with acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney during an ABC News interview gave the public a peek into often behind-the-scenes aspects of Trump’s life.

Here’s how some Democratic candidates want to address the racial wealth gap

Democratic candidates try to convince black voters that they have an economic plan to address racism.

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Blocking access to oil supplies rarely works as a strategy.

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The Minnesota Democrat plans a heavy use of unilateral executive actions and reversals of President Trump’s programs.

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But targeted aid might offer some solutions.

  • Sarah Bermeo
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Despite what the House majority leader says, a federal law will provide the 3.1 percent raises automatically in 2020.

A forum on poverty and racism highlights the former vice president’s ongoing challenge to win over the Democratic Party’s liberal faction.

Trump has dominated the public square since 2015 with provocation, insults and outrage. Democrats worry they can’t upstage his one-man performance.

Jarrod Agen has worked in the vice president’s office since the beginning of the Trump administration.

The former Massachusetts governor, the only rival for Trump, is an echo of Republicans of the past, before the president reinvented the party.

“It sounds to me like he’s looking for some way to take offense,” the Senate majority leader said of Stewart on Monday, days after the comedian’s emotional testimony on Capitol Hill.

The Democratic presidential hopeful has canceled a planning appearance Monday night at an LGBTQ gala in New York hosted by the Democratic National Committee.

The 5-to-4 decision could give an advantage to Democrats this fall.

The justices rejected a concerted effort by groups of conservatives and liberals seeking to persuade the court that the exception to the Constitution’s double jeopardy clause is not warranted.

The justices deliberated for months on whether to accept the Oregon case.

The president has used Twitter to lambaste the “Do Nothing Party,” when in fact the members have ticked through a long list of legislative items.

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