House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed for a resolution condemning the president’s remarks.

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Tariffs haven’t been a major source of U.S. revenue in 100 years. Here’s why.

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The Squad was front and center, calling for impeachment.

As a 2020 political strategy, the president is betting on the combination of grievance and anti-immigrant sentiment that helped him win election in 2016.

Despite Trump’s and Tucker Carlson’s efforts, nativism is losing

Not even Republicans are embracing President Trump's worldview, and the country as a whole is moving in the opposite direction.

Pelosi is forcing House Republicans to go on the record on Trump’s ‘go back’ tweets

She'll soon force House Republicans into a difficult choice: Vote to condemn Trump's tweets, or be seen as tacitly supporting them.

Why it’s unsurprising that most Republicans are staying quiet after Trump’s ‘go back’ tweet

Speaking out against Trump — no matter what he says — is all pain, no gain for Republican lawmakers.

Candidate unveils proposal to cut costs, as Biden and Sanders battle over Medicare-for-all

Here’s what the second-quarter fundraising and spending reports tell us about the 2020 primary.

Second-quarter fundraising reports made public Monday show low-polling candidates spent heavily as they worked to jump-start their campaigns.

The fundraising figure raises the stakes for his debate performance at the end of the month.

Several Republicans assailed Trump without any mention of the policies of the four Democratic congresswomen, calling the president’s remarks “spiteful.”

“This is the agenda of white nationalists. ... This is his plan to pit us against one another,” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) said.

Even as a few GOP lawmakers spoke out against the president’s language, with some specifically calling it racist, most stayed quiet or sought to soften their admonishment of the president by mixing it with criticism of the women he attacked.

Monday’s votes on steps to crack down on human rights abuses are expected to face stiff odds in the Senate.

From Germans and Irish to blacks and Jews, new Americans often have been told to “go home.”

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A Post photographer got a close-up of Trump's notes in response to criticism of his tweets.

A government watchdog found that Conway violated the Hatch Act on numerous occasions by “disparaging Democratic presidential candidates” while speaking in her official capacity.

Facebook vice president David Marcus says he agrees with the Federal Reserve chair that the Libra digital currency needs a thorough review process.

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Of white nationalists agreeing with his "go back" tweets: "It doesn't concern me because many people agree with me."

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