California has been a leader in the resistance to Trump, and his disdain for it has been evident during repeated bouts of wildfires and other difficulties.

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Veterans praise their care at the Department of Veterans Affairs, but can still encounter long wait times because of staffing shortages and bureaucratic issues.

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Despite an increase in the number of women in the House, more than 7 in 10 white men will be represented by a white man.

Several pro-Trump Facebook pages and one Twitter account on Monday posted the home address and phone number of the Broward County, Fla., election supervisor who has been the target of blistering criticism from the president and other Republicans amid highly politicized vote recounts.

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A banner year for LGBT candidates got even stronger with Kyrsten Sinema’s Senate win

It isn’t shocking given the current political climate that more gay politicians are headed to Washington.

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Rick Scott is attending freshman orientation before all the votes are counted. Is that normal?

There is no recent precedent for this.

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CNN is suing the White House over Jim Acosta’s press pass. Does the network have a case?

CNN wants journalist Jim Acosta’s White House credentials restored. The White House can't revoke a reporter’s access to press briefings because it doesn’t like his questions. Yet the First Amendment does not guarantee all reporters the right to attend White House briefings.

Rao is administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Office of Management and Budget.

“It is the position of the Office of the First Lady that she no longer deserves the honor of serving in this White House,” a spokeswoman said of Mira Ricardel.

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They face a choice between an aggressive liberal agenda and an approach that does not scare off independents looking ahead to the 2020 presidential contest and House races.

The encounter touched off a display of mutual admiration between the 78-year-old matriarch and the millennial upstart.

The president continues to claim a diminished nuclear threat as evidence mounts of a growing weapons stockpile.

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A look at how changes in racial and ethnic diversity have affected voting in states.

The U.S. attorney in Vermont had been looking into a land deal overseen by Jane Sanders while she was a college president.

The backlash against Trump was obvious all along. Republican officials seemed in denial.

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The White House initially accused Acosta of what amounted to assault. Now, in the face of a lawsuit, it says the pass was revoked because Acosta wouldn't yield the microphone.

The court said that Georgia's secretary of state must establish a hotline or website for voters who cast provisional ballots to determine whether their votes had been counted.

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While Florida and Georgia are engaged in costly and contentious recounts, Maine is using a new way of voting to handle the close race in its 2nd Congressional District: ranked-choice tabulation.

The U.S. president attacked the French leader — and head of state of a U.S. ally — on multiple counts Friday.

The Supreme Court justice was discharged from the hospital on Friday after falling in her office.

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Midterm turnout is estimated at the highest in a century. Why?

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