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Even Republicans are balking at the bizarre “audit” underway in the state. But Donald Trump and his allies adore it.

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The $2 trillion infrastructure package Biden is pushing includes tax credits and other incentives to accelerate a transition to electric vehicles.

The former Democratic presidential candidate discusses corruption, hope and staying in the fight.

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Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) challenged Anthony S. Fauci over whether the U.S. government funded dangerous research in China. Here’s what they were talking about.

47 percent of GOP prefers changing election laws to improving Republican message

The poll, while imperfect, shows just why the GOP has chosen its current course.

A heated exchange with Dan Crenshaw epitomizes the GOP’s have-it-both-ways approach to Trump

Dan Crenshaw is not Public Enemy No. 1 when it comes to pushing claims of voter fraud. But he epitomizes why the GOP's desire to move on from this doesn't work.

How many unvaccinated people will stop wearing masks now?

Polls show a strong majority of those who are refusing the vaccine already feel safe interacting without masks. And there's going to be little to stop them from doing so now.

A Florida politician considered key to the investigation of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) pleaded guilty Monday to charges including sex trafficking of a child.

The GOP-dominated county board said Monday that the audit commissioned by state Republicans is promoting falsehoods and defaming public servants.

As the Gaza conflict stretches into a second week, the Biden administration defends Israel’s right to defend itself while going further in urging the two sides to stand down.

Donation of at least 20 million doses is ‘step in the right direction’ but a fraction of what’s necessary, they say.

Mississippi is among many GOP-led states that have passed restrictions that conflict with the court’s precedents protecting the right to an abortion before fetal viability.

Congress was officially notified of the deal on May 5, only a week before hostilities in the region intensified.

Monday’s activity comes as the justices pick up the pace before their adjournment at the end of June.

Some people worry that the departure of Anne Schuchat, a longtime stabilizing force, could undermine still-flagging morale.

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The story the right tells about the media gets it backward.

Details of the contract for the New York governor emerged Monday as Cuomo released his 2020 tax returns.

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Conservative voting records are only one dimension on which Republican legislators are evaluated.

The Harvard-educated, reform-minded politician served in Congress before winning one term as governor in 1987.

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It comes down to cause and effect.

A push for sweeping federal elections legislation appears moribund, and key Democrats said they have little more than blind hope that a breakthrough will materialize.

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