The new president signals a focus on Asia by making Japan’s leader his first in-person foreign guest.

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Reports of the new caucus and its stated goals drew condemnation from Democrats and some Republicans for promoting nativist rhetoric and policies.

Faced with rampant skepticism about the coronavirus vaccine in rural areas, the Department of Veterans Affairs has set out on a labor-intensive effort to offer it to former servicemembers. What VA is learning suggests challenges ahead in getting the nation to herd immunity.

An attack on an Iranian nuclear facility tests the president’s resolve to talk with Iran over Israel’s objections. It also tests the closeness of the U.S.-Israel relationship.

The GOP’s gradual descent into ‘replacement theory’ and ‘nativist dog whistles’

It’s a reflection of the lasting impact Trump has had on the movement, even now that he’s out of office, as well as a commentary on just how ripe the party was for such a shift.

Major League Baseball’s antitrust exemption becomes the next target of the culture wars

Republicans say businesses should stay out of politics – but baseball and politics have always been intertwined.

A striking new poll on the GOP’s nascent push for transgender youth restrictions

The first major poll since the effort began shows Americans strongly oppose bills banning transition-related medical care for children and participation in sports of one's gender identity. But there are some questions about just how firm those positions are.

With Democrats in control of Washington for the first time in a decade, the recent string of mass shootings has encouraged activists to make a concerted push for fresh legislation restricting access to guns.

Some party committee members want the GOP to create some distance from the former president — or at least grapple with the fact that Republicans lost the White House, Senate and House during his administration.

Hunter Biden spent two years as a silent character in an explosive narrative at the center of the presidential campaign. Now he’s emerging to tell a story of deep addiction, with the ever-present danger of a relapse that could endanger his health — and his father’s work.

After blistering criticism from Biden allies, the White House said the final cap would be set by May 15.

Advocates demand action against a product that has increased illnesses and death in Black communities.

The Biden administration announced it was allocating the money to take on one of the biggest challenges of the pandemic.

Japan's prime minister is the first foreign leader to visit the White House in person during Biden’s presidency.

Friday letter is seen as an effort to push Texas officials toward expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

He was indicted this week along with two others.

GOP leaders are working to tie Harris to the problems at the border, hoping to weaken her politically. She is trying to push back.

Rachel Marie Powell, accused of carrying a bullhorn and breaking a Capitol window, allegedly grew “evasive” when asked about wearing a see-through mask in a Facebook video.

The CDC memo authorizes agencies to implement testing both to screen employees and diagnose possible infections.

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Most Americans think that aiding refugees should be a priority. But, it seems, not enough.

Iced Earth guitarist Jon Schaffer agrees to cooperate with prosecutors.

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