The shooting of a black man by a white police officer is reopening wounds in the city’s black community that threaten to tarnish the mayor’s charmed presidential campaign.

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The ex-vice president is refusing to apologize for praising segregationist senators.

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Arthur Laffer yesterday, Tiger Woods last month -- Trump is awarding Medals of Freedom much in the way he’s used his power to pardon.

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We surveyed several leading researchers on poverty, and almost all agreed Biden was including people who are not poor.

These gruesome new Khashoggi revelations reinforce the ugly bargain Trump has struck with Saudi Arabia

New details paint the picture of a planned hit.

Trump, now touting his criminal justice record, still hasn’t changed his position on the Central Park Five

The president's doubling down on the issue is about much more than the case.

Where Mitch McConnell’s rationale for not exploring reparations falls short

Mitch McConnell seems to think that reparations are impossible, but that ignores the research.

The former vice president’s remarks came after campaign aides had warned him not to cite his past relationships with segregationist colleagues.

A USDA and Labor Department plan to kill a U.S. Forest Service program that trains low-income young people for rural jobs ran into political realities in rural America.

The White House asserted immunity for Hope Hicks, a private citizen, as she appeared before the House Judiciary Committee. Democrats said the exemption does not exist.

Laffer, a former top adviser to President Ronald Reagan, is known as the father of supply-side economics.

Matthew Kacsmaryk was opposed by every Democrat as well as Republican Sen. Susan Collins.

State Rep. Anthony Sabatini said he comments “MAGA” on all of the Sentinel’s coverage and wanted to push back on what he considered the news outlet’s “ridiculous” coverage of the rally.

He took a sabbatical from the solicitor general’s office to join the special counsel’s team investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.

The president’s campaign is on track to report the best fundraising quarter, underscoring the financial dominance he has over the sprawling Democratic field.

The closed-door hearing is part of the panel’s ongoing investigation into President Trump’s efforts to build a tower in Moscow.

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Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) says the traditional limits have been cast aside and more than 800 officials can talk about investigations in the Trump administration.

The federal government was well into the redesign process to replace the image of President Andrew Jackson when the change was postponed.

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A look at recent polling.

For the first time in over a decade, members of Congress reckoned with the legacy of slavery.

The state’s senior senator spoke out as Republicans braced for an expected announcement by Roy Moore that he is running again for the GOP nomination.

The House Speaker said she was not “up to date” on the freshman lawmaker’s characterization but said members need to be careful given the “politically charged atmosphere.”

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