Until this week, Trump’s record of getting judicial nominees confirmed by the Senate stood out as a bright spot for a president who has struggled for big wins on Capitol Hill.

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Andrea Ramsey was hoping to turn a Kansas district from red to blue. But decade-old allegations complicated her candidacy.

Court accepts plan to end home confinement, but approves $10 million secured bond and new conditions

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Two reasons Trump loves one media merger but hates another: Fox News and CNN

The president contends that Disney-Fox “could be a great thing for jobs” but that AT&T-Time Warner is “not good for the country.”

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Trump and Moore aren’t the only ones to blame for how some perceive ‘evangelicals’

Evangelicalism had an image problem before President Trump and Roy Moore.

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Trump’s suggestive comment about a Michael Flynn pardon, and the pattern behind it

Trump says “we'll see what happens” a lot. But what usually happens when he does that?

Jones, frequently said that Alabama could send a message by electing a Democrat who was willing to deal with anyone.

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A visual look at the year in news.

Vice President Pence sometimes seems to agree with President Trump just by looking at him. Here are some of the ways he does it.

The president’s son-in-law has been in the headlines almost daily and has complained to friends about the nonstop negative attention.

After threatening to vote "no" on the GOP tax bill, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) pledged their support when the bill was finalized.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said on Dec. 15 that the Justice Department plans to deploy 40 prosecutors focused on violent crime in major cities throughout the U.S.

Kihuen is the latest in a series of lawmakers to face allegations of inappropriate conduct.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke released a video on Dec. 14 about the department's sexual harassment report. 'Harassment, intimidation and discrimination have been a common practice at Interior," he said.

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About an eighth of the United States is black. A quarter of Democrats are — and most of them are women.

United States' partnership with Egypt has been strained following President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the U.S. Embassy there.

Shortly after President Trump announced he was shrinking two national monuments, Patagonia put a banner on its website declaring “The President Stole Your Land."

During a speech to FBI graduates on Dec. 15, President Trump addressed immigration, terrorism and the gang MS13, saying "We will throw you the hell out of the country."

President Trump takes a jab at the Obama administration, while talking to FBI graduates on Dec. 15 about militarizing the local police.

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This is thanks in part to a widening partisan gulf.

During a speech to FBI Academy graduates on Dec. 15, President Trump cited attacks on police and "anti-police sentiment," saying "Criminals who kill police officers should get the death penalty."

During a speech to FBI Academy graduates on Dec. 15, President Trump asked "What the hell is going on in Chicago?"

President Trump weighed in on Russia and North Korea on Dec. 15.

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