More than a dozen moderate lawmakers met in the office of Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) to try to advance a solution to extend government funding and protect “dreamers.”

(Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP)

The event, raising money for Trump 2020, continues a pattern of holding campaign events at Trump facilities.

The attack comes as Congress remains at an impasse over immigration policy that has led to a government shutdown.

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As women march a year after Trump’s election, his approval with some men grows

Some of Trump's better approval numbers come from men.

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Why Fox News’s Neil Cavuto still doesn’t want to interview Trump

"I just have zero interest in doing it."

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Trump’s love of tabloid gossip complicates his denial of affair allegations with Stormy Daniels

The president once hosted an event at Trump Tower for the magazine that published a porn star's claim about an affair.

The New York Times reported that Rep. Patrick Meehan of Pennsylvania settled with a former aide who claimed that he made romantic overtures toward her and became hostile when she did not reciprocate. Meehan denied wrongdoing.

In their stances on immigration, Democrats and Republicans battle over what it is to be an American.

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In other eras, members of the same party reading from the same talking points would be normal behavior — but not for this crop of House Republicans, who have fought bitterly among themselves since winning the majority in 2010.

Senators on both sides of the aisle remarked about the government shutdown on Jan. 20. Sen. Robert P. Casey (D-Pa.) expressed optimism but said the Senate "had a lot of work to do."

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The wall for DACA is a weird trade — but many Democrats might agree to it.

Welcome to D.C.! We’re doing our best.

Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney held a briefing on Jan. 20 after a government shutdown. Mulvaney said it was "extraordinarily difficult" to negotiate with Democrats.

Many complain the self-proclaimed dealmaker has shown himself to be an unreliable negotiator who struggles to close critical agreements.

Egyptian authorities tried to prevent press access to the meeting between Pence and Egypt's president, at one point physically barring reporters from leaving a bus.

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A president who can’t make a deal, Republicans struggling to govern, Democrats shaped by their anti-Trump base

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) faulted President Trump and Senate Republicans for the government shutdown during a speech on the Senate floor Jan. 20.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) blamed Senate Democrats for the government shutdown that began on Jan. 20.

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“These are working people, not six figure people,” said one retiree, still waiting for full compensation from the 2013 shutdown.

If Congress doesn't like it, they can write clearer laws.

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Before and after the shutdown, Trump called the U.S.-Mexico border "very dangerous." Is he right? It depends.

In that period, the president averaged nearly 5.9 false or misleading claims a day.

In a last-ditch effort to keep the government open, leaders met privately while the vote was ongoing

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