The outreach came during a stop in Charlotte after a visit to D.C. to christen his new hotel.

(Evan Vucci / AP)

The 2011 document, written by a top Bill Clinton aide, was disclosed Wednesday by WikiLeaks.

Brewer declared that Hispanics wouldn't push Clinton to victory because they "don't vote."

clinton glass ceiling,clitnon Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

Why Donald Trump’s decision to stop fundraising is a huge problem for Republicans

A Q&A with a leading Republican fundraiser.

Sean Hannity offers to fly Obama to Kenya — and that’s not even the craziest part

The Trump-loving commentator is apparently getting news from a Canadian satire site.

Two-thirds of Americans think Clinton will win — which may be the best predictor that she will

Research shows that who people expect to win can be a better predictor than actual topline poll numbers.

The event is the latest example of the GOP nominee mixing his political and business interests.

Clinton supporters at a rally in Florida respond to the latest WikiLeaks revelations.

Many Republicans worry Trump has hurt the party’s relationship with female voters for years to come.

The third-party bid of Evan McMullin has turned the election into a three-way dogfight in this deeply conservative, heavily Mormon state, where antipathy to Donald Trump is high.

Republican nominee Donald Trump spoke at the grand opening of Trump International Hotel. Protesters from the AFL-CIO and the Answer Coalition formed a picket line outside in protest.

“She has less energy than Jeb Bush,” Trump said of opponent Hillary Clinton.

At a speech in Charlotte on Oct. 26, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump focused on policies he says will help African Americans, including "tax holidays for inner city investment," increased law enforcement and "converting poverty assistance into forgivable and repayable micro-loans."

He appeared to suggest that the blockade on nominee Merrick Garland could last past the election.

During a speech in Charlotte, Oct. 26, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that the strategy of his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton to address the war in Syria could lead to World War III.

During a speech in Charlotte, Oct. 26, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that “illegal immigration violates the civil rights of African Americans.”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took time off the campaign trail to cut the ribbon at his new D.C. hotel Oct. 26. How that and other campaign stops have affected Trump's businesses.

The Green Party candidate also tried to crash the debate and was booted by police.

Celebrity chef José Andrés, who recently became an American citizen, told a crowd in Tampa, Fla., he plans to cast his first presidential vote for Hillary Clinton.

Political campaigns like to highlight the life stories of average Americans – but the Clinton campaign had a big head start when it came to recruiting Alicia Machado, and likely did with the Khan family, too.

Clinton does an impression of Trump lurking behind her during one of the presidential debates.

Some of the Hispanic workers who helped build the 5-star hotel told the Post they had entered the U.S. illegally.

At the official opening of the Trump International Hotel in D.C., Oct. 26, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump struck an optimistic tone, using the revitalization of the historic Old Post Office building as a metaphor for the change he wanted to bring to the United States.

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