The president blamed recent hostility from the rogue nation for the abrupt decision.

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Asked whether Trump should call it 'spygate,' Graham says, “Probably not, but I don’t know. ... I don’t think he’s a spy."

The president had canceled the summit in Singapore citing hostile rhetoric Thursday.

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Since Trump started talking about “Spygate,” news coverage has increasingly used “spy” instead of “informant."

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Trump’s pardon of Jack Johnson is not insignificant. But caring about racial injustice in 2018 would be more meaningful.

To critics, Trump's pardon ends up looking more symbolic than principled.

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Congress looks like it’s about to finally do something about its sexual harassment problem

After months of delay, the Senate passed a bill overhauling rules lawmakers say have led to rampant sexual assault in Congress.

Perez's speech, coming just two weeks before a key DNC committee meets to finalize its 2020 primary rules, has roiled party activists and reopened old wounds.

New cases may strike at the heart of Facebook's business model.

Critics say the Climate Solutions Caucus is all talk.

North Korea announcement shows “America First” is becoming America Alone — and China is the big winner.

The European Union's new GDPR protects privacy rights, but without Edward Snowden's revelations, it might have taken them away.

  • Nikhil Kalyanpur, Abraham Newman
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The Supreme Court upheld a broader regulation 30 years ago.

Diplomacy Trump-style is proving very difficult.

The E.U.’s sweeping new data privacy law takes effect today.

Get this year's African politics summer reading list, and read along!

Expect more of the tense standoff we witnessed last summer.

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About a half-million Medicare Part D recipients “received high amounts of opioids” in 2016. Almost 20 percent of that group are at “serious risk of opioid misuse or overdose."

That depends on how local and national leaders respond.

  • Aliza Luft, Daniel Solomon
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U.N. and E.U. support helped create effective sanctions — but that was in the past.

  • Bryan R. Early
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Ahead of a potentially close Senate race in Texas, the Republican has largely relinquished the role of anti-establishment agitator.

The president has claimed at least six scandals concerning the Mueller probe. Here's a guide through his smokescreen.

The nuclear disarmament meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un crumbled nearly as quickly as it came together.

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