"I didn’t get a thank you. That’s okay. We sent him on the way. But I wasn’t a fan of John McCain,” Trump said at an event in Ohio, even as Republican senators rose to McCain's defense.

(From left Jabin Botsford; Melina Mara / The Washinghton Post)

The effort is aimed at amplifying the pro-Brexit message among Britons even though the United States has no say in the matter.

The third ranking Democrat says Trump and family are “the greatest threats to democracy of my lifetime.”

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‘It’s deplorable what he said:’ Johnny Isakson delivers the indictment of Trump’s McCain-bashing other Republicans won’t

"The country deserves better, the McCain family deserves better, I don’t care if he’s president of United States."

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Trump just nixed a major argument against releasing the Mueller report

The president said for the first time today that he doesn't mind if the report is made public. That should make it easier to release.

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Steve King continues to make controversial comments on race, despite a GOP reprimand

The Iowa lawmaker refused to say whether he believed white society is superior to a nonwhite society.

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The British prime minister is seeking an extension, but May remains hamstrung at home and in Brussels. Meanwhile, the Trumps weigh in against her.

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McConnell says his top priority is confirming Trump’s judicial nominees, but some GOP strategists warn that a limited agenda could cost the party in 2020 congressional elections.

The Judiciary Committee will privately question Felix Sater on Thursday, the day after he testifies publicly before the Intelligence Committee.

Yet, the president spent part of his speech disparaging John McCain and criticizing Barack Obama and “Crooked Hillary.”

The court is investigating actions of a prosecutor who has tried a man six times in a quadruple murder.

Prosecutors have accused an 80-year-old California con man of running a fraudulent PAC scheme.

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For the 12th time, Trump predicts the caliphate's imminent collapse.

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2014 gave us an immigration crisis, the rise of the Islamic State and the emergence of Black Lives Matter.

“I don’t mind. I mean, frankly, I told the House, ‘If you want, let them see it,’ ” Trump told reporters outside the White House on Wednesday.

In a morning tweet, the president took fresh aim at George Conway, a conservative lawyer who has questioned Trump’s mental fitness. He later told reporters Conway is a “wack job.”

The U.S. president will welcome the embattled Israeli leader just weeks before he’s on the ballot next month.

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If he's worried about cities being important, we have some bad news for him.

Eighteen states have considered legislation that some say is aimed at increasing transparency for voters and others say is just aimed at the current president.

Trump is capitalizing on the latest litmus test for Democratic presidential candidates.

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