The summary could be brief and high-level, but a Justice Department spokesperson said the principal conclusions would be made public.

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The attorney general has had a long career serving Republican administrations.

The senator from California is building connections with a range of communities that have kept a greater distance from other Democratic presidential candidates.

House Speaker Pelosi called Saturday for full disclosure of the special counsel’s report and said she would reject a classified briefing for select few lawmakers.

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After claiming ‘no collusion’ at least 231 times, Trump says nothing about the end of the Mueller investigation

President Trump has not been shy about slamming the Russia investigation. So why has he said nothing about it ending?

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What Barr’s promise to share the Mueller report’s ‘principal conclusions’ could mean

What does the phrase mean?

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‘No collusion,’ after all?

Robert Mueller's investigation ended Friday without any charges of collusion or conspiracy with Russia. Here's what that means.

Nearly every organization Trump has run in the past decade remains under investigation by state or federal authorities.

Attendees are putting their own spin on what they hope the special counsel’s report contains.

Despite few public details, those in the president’s orbit say they are heartened by the revelation that no additional Mueller indictments are forthcoming.

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Legal investigations will continue, but political judgments — by elected officials and the public — will now set the course for Trump’s presidency.

The congressman was eating lunch when a man came up and asked if he was Steve King. Then came the water, police said.

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Senate Democrats are rallying behind a strategy of voting “present” on the plan pushed by freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Trump appeared untroubled by a foreign adversary’s attack on the U.S. political system — and his aides seemed eager to accept the assistance.

The 2020 presidential candidates and congressional leaders said the American people have a ‘right to the truth.’

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Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III follows a history of special investigators who have sought to determine if presidents or top officials have broken the law.

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Why the odds are low of any new indictments from the Mueller probe.

President’s actions in office, including his firing of FBI Director James B. Comey, were scrutinized by special counsel Robert S. Mueller as possible obstruction of justice.

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Here are 3 options for Attorney General William Barr.

Rumors swirled this week that former vice president Joe Biden wanted Abrams to join him on his presidential ticket, talk that her camp has sought to tamp down.

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We break down the attorney general's letter to congressional leaders.

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