In South Carolina, some of the Democratic hopefuls discuss how to shrink the gap.

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The Michigan congressman is heading into a lonely reelection battle as Trump and his family are signaling their support for a primary challenger.

The president, who insists he wants to avoid a Middle East war, faces a difficult choice: step back to reduce tensions or act unilaterally and risk confrontation.

Want to get noticed as a female candidate on the Democratic debate stage? Interrupt a man.

And other advice from a debate coach for the record-setting six women who qualified for the Democratic primary debates.

9 times Sarah Sanders did not live up to her ‘transparent and honest’ standard

The Fix checked the standard that White House press secretary Sarah Sanders set for herself: transparency and honesty.

Trump’s internal poll numbers are out. And both they and his team’s response paint a bleak picture.

After denying the polls existed, the Trump team now admits they do. But it's something else they say that is more telling.

President Trump backed a constitutional amendment to outlaw desecration of the American flag.

Civil rights groups challenging citizenship question say new evidence strengthen claims of a conspiracy

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But she's allowing the investigating committees more freedom — and that matters.

The Maine Republican, who faces reelection next year, criticized Matthew Kacsmaryk’s “alarming bias against LGBTQ Americans.”

The Democratic National Committee divided the field into two groups Friday for the debates in Miami on June 26-27

The former vice president promises not to use dubious tactics, days after President Trump says he would listen if foreign governments offered information on his rivals.

The area, like many in the Midwest, chose Barack Obama and then Donald Trump, and voters are considering whether to flip again.

The gun rights organization, which saw a boost in revenue in 2018, spent more on administrative costs and fundraising, ending the year with a growing shortfall, according to a financial report obtained by The Washington Post.

The couple’s income losses are the latest sign of troubles suffered by the family business under the Trump presidency.

The Indiana congresswoman elected in 2012 was the head of House Republicans’ recruitment and had prioritized mobilizing GOP women to run for office.

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A Q&A with the San Diego Union-Tribune reporter who broke the story about the congressman and his wife allegedly stealing campaign funds

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A few quick observations, now that we know which 10 will be in which debate.

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What questions you should be asking as you watch the first official event of the 2020 Democratic primary.

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She shares one thing with the former vice president: The desire to see President Trump defeated in 2020.

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