Johnny McEntee, Trump’s former personal aide who now serves as director of presidential personnel, has begun combing through various agencies with a mandate from the president to oust political appointees who have not proved their trustworthiness

The Nevada Democratic Party caucuses will be held on Saturday, Feb. 22, though thousands of Nevadans have already participated in early voting. The process is similar to Iowa, which has raised concern among campaigns after the chaos there earlier this month.

The big question is whether any of the candidates can unite a divided party.

Twitter told The Washington Post it banned the accounts for "violating our rules against platform manipulation and spam."

What each candidate has to win — or lose — in the Nevada caucuses

Let's run through the stakes, candidate by candidate.

What to watch for during Saturday’s caucuses in Nevada

The Nevada caucuses are dealing with a major change in technical procedure that has been planned for months.

Bloomberg now says he’ll release women from nondisclosure agreements. Here’s how those work.

Here is some context about NDAs and how they're used in the business community.

Mayor Muriel Bowser says no Democratic presidential candidate is perfect on race.

Volunteers flew in to help run the caucuses Saturday. But some say they’ve been given no guidance about what to do or how to help.

Cooper tore into the disgraced former governor in an interview Friday night, using a vulgar expression to criticize Blagojevich's lack of remorse after being granted clemency by President Trump.

Trump hopes his popularity in India translates to more votes from Americans of Indian heritage, who tend to vote Democratic.

The president grew furious with senior advisers this week after being assured that infected patients would remain in quarantine overseas.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who dissented in the decision, says the high court is indulging the administration’s repeated emergency pleas.

The Massachusetts senator has started criticizing her rivals, fiercely, and reversed her longtime opposition to help from super PACs as her campaign has teetered.

The president’s private arguments stand in contrast to the point-by-point process used to classify and protect sensitive secrets and appears to differ from the White House’s public posture toward Bolton’s much-anticipated memoir.

The Democratic Party of Nevada is asking volunteers to sign non-disparagement agreements.

The candidate said Friday he will permit his company to release women who accused him of sexual harassment from their non-disclosure agreements.

Nevada’s Democrats will caucus on Saturday. Many presidential candidates need to finish strong here in order to jump start their campaigns before Super Tuesday. The Culinary Union, which represents 60,000 hotel and casino workers across Nevada, is key to electoral success here.

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American politics has changed dramatically in the past 50 years.

The next meeting of Democratic presidential candidates is scheduled for Tuesday in Charleston, S.C., ahead of the state’s Feb. 29 primary.

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