From the moment the White House announced that President Trump had decided to hold the 2020 Group of Seven summit at his golf resort, it became inextricably linked with his possible impeachment. 

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The speaker’s “fact sheet” outlines what her office characterized as a gross abuse of power by Trump, including a “shakedown,” “pressure campaign” and “cover up.”

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A look at Rudolph Giuliani’s extended associations.

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It's his No. 1 justification for a hasty Syria withdrawal. But it's making less and less sense, especially now that those troops are going to Iraq, not coming home.

Why Republicans are trying to censure Adam Schiff

It's emblematic of Republicans’ broader problem: They don’t have much to work with to defend Trump

It’s every man for himself right now on Trump and Ukraine

Several developments in recent days suggest nobody is willing to vouch for anybody else at the highest levels of the administration.

Warren said she would fund her education vision with a proposed “wealth tax.” It would levy a 2 percent tax on wealth above $50 million and 3 percent tax on wealth above $1 billion.

Reps. Carolyn B. Maloney, William Lacy Clay, Gerald E. Connolly and Jackie Speier have emerged as early contenders in the race to seize the Oversight and Reform Committee gavel.

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But it's not entirely clear how the causality works.

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Maybe there is such a thing as Trump going too far.

The DNC has raised the bar again, likely further narrowing the field.

The president’s fixation on his base means lawmakers have more leverage than they might think.

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The acting White House chief of staff's ongoing defenses of his Thursday admission amount to little more than semantic games.

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"I think we ought to have a freedom of responsibility," Rep. Johnson says.

It's a win for climate activists.

'All any President needs is to have an effective group of Administration officials in place with a clear agenda,' say ex-administration officials.

The Kremlin posed as North Korea and China for 2018 Olympics hack, a new book explains.

There was no last-minute settlement.

As Pierre Delecto, Romney used the account to like critical tweets about the president while also occasionally defending himself against detractors.

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'He's just too weak,' said one source who speaks frequently with Trump.

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The Trump administration keeps moving farther from what Americans say they want.

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