“We don’t need a liberal person in there, a Democrat,” the president said about the seat.

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The president's eldest son is aiding the gubernatorial campaign of Kris Kobach, the panel's vice chairman and driving force.

The embattled Republican candidate chose the talk show instead of debating his Democratic rival Doug Jones at a church forum.

Bush's 1991 disavowal of David Duke

Former president George H.W. Bush disowned former KKK leader David Duke during the 1991 Louisiana governor's race off-year election.

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For conservatives, one identity trumps all others

With the Roy Moore scandal, some conservatives have proved that they value identity politics as long as you belong to the correct identity group: the Republican Party.

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Trump uses sports to score political points amid legislative struggles

The president channels the cultural anxieties of his white, working-class supporters.

Trump says man who helped convict Klan members in church bombing case is ‘soft on crime’

Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate for senate in Alabama made his name for successfully prosecuting two KKK members for a bombing that killed four black girls. So many were surprised when Trump said he was “soft on crime.”

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Trump consistently wants to give Americans the impression that he's working when he's at one of his private clubs.

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The fight with LaVar Ball is of a piece with Trump's vision of unity.

The California case has both sides watching.

The department controls one-fifth of U.S. land area.

Corporate lobbyists aren't (loudly) whining. Economists aren't cheering.

After LaVar Ball dismissed Trump's role in resolving a shoplifting charge in China for his son, the president called the father an “ungrateful fool!”

Will the latest revelations cause a more lasting social shift than after Anita Hill came forward in 1991?

Where did this tradition come from? What does it even mean to “pardon” a turkey? We’ve got you covered in this special holiday episode with Post reporter Jessica Contrera who attend the annual tradition.

There are at least 13 women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct. Here's the complete list, with their evidence.

The president says he's "very happy" sexual misconduct by powerful men is being "exposed." He denies all of the allegations against him.

Three Army noncommissioned officers allegedly broke curfew during the president’s visit to Vietnam.

At Glamour’s Women of the Year summit on Nov. 13, former Vice President Joe Biden said he believed Anita Hill’s testimony that she was sexually harassed by Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, and said “I am so sorry if she believes that” the hearing process was not fair.

The Washington Post’s Damian Paletta looks at the arguments that Republicans are using to promote their tax overhaul.

The order, issued in Maryland and halting a proposed transgender military ban, goes further than an earlier ruling by a judge in Washington.

John Conyers Jr., the top Democrat on the powerful House Judiciary Committee, acknowledged settling a claim with a former employee but said he never admitted fault.

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The Merit Systems Protection Board is stagnant, because the three-member body only has one member.

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