President Trump signed the spending bill Monday evening that will fund the government through Feb. 8.

(Melina Mara / The Washington Post)

Republican officials and their allies will devote much of their time and money trying to convince voters that tax cuts are working.

President stayed relatively quiet while Republicans put forward a disciplined communications effort.

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On the 45th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the culture war over abortion continues

Abortion continues to be a wedge issue years after the historic Supreme Court ruling

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Latino activists and lawmakers critical of reopening government without ‘dreamer’ solution

They say the pressure is now on Democratic senators to prove their commitment to their constituents.

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Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court just gave Democrats a big win on redistricting

The court threw out GOP-drawn congressional districts, forcing lawmakers to redraw less partisan ones in time for the November election.

U.S. business leaders lead the pack in a new survey taken during the Trump era.

Senators from both parties expressed relief on Jan. 22, after voting for a temporary spending bill to end the government shutdown.

Like Republicans before them, Democrats learn the limits of their leverage.

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan removed Meehan from the Ethics Committee on Saturday after the New York Times published allegations of sexual harassment.

The Senate panel’s chiefs attempted to remove the wording from the short-term spending bill.

The shutdown-ending deal could set up a repeat of the 2013 immigration debate, when the Senate acted and the House did not.

On the third day of the government shutdown, Republican and Democratic senators reached a deal to reopen the government and vote on immigration in the coming weeks. The Senate and the House passed a short-term spending bill in the afternoon.

The House joined the Senate in backing a spending bill to keep the government operating through Feb. 8.

The shutdown began with “dreamers” and their allies on the left praising Democrats for their courage. Now the backlash is mounting.

Fox News Channel media critic Howard Kurtz's upcoming book reveals colorful anecdotes about the Trump administration. Here are some highlights of the book due out Jan. 29.

Simona Mangiante says the former Trump adviser’s cooperation is key to Mueller probe.

White House reporter Ashley Parker explains how the dynamics inside the White House push and pull President Trump's negotiations, especially as it relates to immigration policy.

After the Senate voted on Jan. 22 to reopen the government, The Fix’s Aaron Blake examines what Democrats lost and won in their standoff over DACA.

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Nearly a quarter of Democrats say Trump's crackdown is a good thing.

The nonprofit Common Cause argued that a settlement amounted to an unreported in-kind contribution to the Trump campaign and called on the Justice Department and Federal Election Commission to investigate.

A Post-ABC poll released Jan. 22, found Democrats have an advantage ahead of 2018 congressional elections.

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A weekend shutdown that earned half the attention on Google of the shutdown in 2013.

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