VA’s acting secretary said he is trying to improve “efficiency and effectiveness” — even as he clears out apolitical civil servants who were good performers.

(Jacquelyn Martin / AP)

Lewis, who represents a Minnesota district that many believe to be in play for Democrats in the midterm elections, made the remarks on the syndicated radio show he hosted in the years before he was elected.

Comments at Cabinet meeting again stoke criticism of the president and his performance at the Helsinki meeting with Putin.

The Trump presidency: 544 days of weird glowing orb photos

Orbs keep finding their way into the president's, er, orbit.

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More than half of white evangelicals say America’s declining white population is a negative thing

Increased diversity appears not to be a good thing to white evangelicals.

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Trump picks Putin over his own intelligence community — again

Trump walks back his walkback.

Democratic senator says Kavanaugh was “not accurate” on the issue in testimony he gave in a 2006 confirmation hearing.

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It involves billion-dollar fraud, a former American ambassador — and that meeting at Trump Tower in 2016.

Because this is probably not the last “stunt” vote we'll see before the midterms, here's a guide to the outliers.

In a tweet, Trump praised Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp as “tough on crime, strong on the border and illegal immigration.”

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Would Democrats fault interference that elected Democrats?

The Abolish ICE movement has been pilloried by GOP leaders, and they saw political advantage in highlighting liberal attacks on the agency.

The top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee made the estimate while pressing for records from the George W. Bush Presidential Library and the National Archives.

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Europe and the United States are on a long-term collision course.

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And what they did not.

Voting challenges could hamper 2018 midterm turnout.

Jordan said he told the lawyers that he knew nothing about any misconduct affecting wrestlers when he was the team's assistant coach three decades ago.

“It’s going to be the top of the line, the top in the world,” Trump told CBS News.

In a television interview, the president said the new member of the alliance has “very aggressive people.”

Authorities arrested Maria Butina this week and charged her with acting on behalf of the Russian government.

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