President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency has been hit with several lawsuits, and lawmakers are divided as to whether the move is legitimate or constitutes a power grab that must be stopped.

Aides say the president will highlight areas where he could work with Democrats, including infrastructure and prescription drug costs.

“I’d sure like for him to think about it,” the majority leader said of the secretary of state Tuesday.

The House Intelligence and Judiciary committees will be first, with a release of witness transcripts to the special counsel and interviews of Michael Cohen and Matthew Whitaker.

Conservatives can’t stop obsessing over Ocasio-Cortez. Their latest target: her boyfriend.

First, it was her clothing. Then her dancing. Not to mention her credit score, her apartment, her hometown. Maybe it was only a matter of time before conservatives went after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Co...

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Trump’s national emergency declaration once again highlights his affinity for strongmen — and authoritarianism

In national emergency declaration, Trump reminds Americans of the leadership style he values most.

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What exactly is a national emergency? Here’s what that means and what happens next.

President Trump has declared the border an "emergency" to give him the power to use government funds to build his border wall.

Dueling investigations seek to learn how the National Enquirer obtained texts sent by the owner of The Washington Post.

The discussion with the chief of the Cherokee Nation went beyond her controversial DNA test.

Pelosi’s guests for President Trump’s speech to Congress include two active-duty transgender Army officers and survivors of last February’s mass shooting at a Florida high school.

The measure criticizes Trump’s plans to withdraw from Syria and Afghanistan but faces a battle in the House over a bid to tamp down an Israel boycott campaign.

Uncertainty about what tpresident would agree to in a final deal clouds negotiations less than two weeks ahead of a shutdown deadline.

The president’s days include several hours of unrestricted “executive time,” a departure from previous presidents who packed their schedules with activity.

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In this edition: The two states of the union, the bright post-scandal future of Virginia, and more bad polls for the president.

The three-term senator finished reimbursing a friend and political ally for $112,418.22 in lodging and travel costs in October, his office said.

Stacey Abrams takes on a role that hasn’t always been kind to her predecessors.

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Get the rush of a bona fide State of the Union speech, without the wait.

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That alone is more than twice the cost of the Mueller probe.

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The 2016 presidential contender will deliver remarks online after Abrams, a move some see as a slight.

A federal judge agreed with her request, which came as part of an ongoing legal battle between the adult-film star and the president.

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Time and again, the president has called for his opponents to unite around him.

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What the president's guest list tells us about the big themes he'll hit.

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The Justice Department has issued a number of subpoenas for an investigation into the Trump inaugural committee. Add it to the list.

President Trump will give the 2019 State of the Union address Tuesday, following a postponement caused by the partial government shutdown.

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