For years, Democratic presidential candidates have been skittish about taking liberal positions. The caution has given way to confidence.


"We're gonna impeach the motherf---er," Tlaib told the crowd at a reception Thursday.

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Here are the numbers.

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When party rules give leaders a lot of power, those leaders are hard to dislodge.

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Trump shut down the government over his wall. It’s jeopardizing his other priorities.

Immigration policy, the economy, legislative wins and even his own reelection seem to be struggling as the partial government shutdown persists.

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Trump’s defense of Covington teens is latest skirmish in culture war about ‘toxic masculinity’

What Trump has arguably been most successful at since entering the Oval Office is being a leader in the culture wars that his base began fighting long before the New York business executive entered the world of politics.

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The growing ‘leverage’ questions about Trump and Russia

A number of developments in the past month illuminate the specter of Russia knowing something about Trump it could use against him.

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Polls show Americans don't favor Trump's wall and blame him for the shutdown. But he persists as federal services and federal employees suffer.

There isn’t any rule against tobacco spitting on the House floor, but there is one against wearing a hat.

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It's time to learn from Hungary's example.

  • Lucan Ahmad Way, Steven Levitsky
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An allegedly temporary electoral system has proved long-lasting.

  • Brent E. Sasley
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Trump said many things that were factually incorrect in his 90-minute Cabinet meeting. Here's a selection of new things he said that was wrong.

By the end of the day, the Democrat-controlled House plans to push through legislation to reopen the federal government. It has been declared dead on arrival in the GOP-led Senate.

The speaker will be the face of the Democratic opposition to the polarizing presidency of Donald Trump, and tensions were ever-present despite her talk of bipartisanship.

For potential female candidates, running for president leads to demands about likability.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other female House members — nearly 90 percent of whom are Democrats — represent a new era in the historically male-dominated Congress.

Despite Trump’s unpredictability, lawmakers are wary of negotiating with any of his aides because they believe only Trump speaks for Trump.

Sens. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) will be on the panel.

The measure faces difficult odds in the Senate but is a sign of how influential Robert Mueller’s probe will be for House lawmakers as the Democrats use their new majority to launch various probes of the president.

Emma Torres, an immigrant from Ecuador, said a human resources employee at the club in Bedminster, N.J., crossed her name off a list after she said she did not have legal status.

The senator could be the voice of a new willingness among Democrats to challenge the merits of long-running wars — even if it means backing up a president they oppose.

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Pelosi’s office looks almost exactly as it did 12 years ago when she first took charge during another Republican presidency. Even her allies know this time, with Trump, is different.

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The clip was circulated to smear the progressive politician. It backfired.

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