Advisers warned the president that there is little support for significant action on gun control among Republican voters — and even among some Democrats.

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The new $250 million ballot-marking device was developed over a decade to be ultra-accessible

Joe Walsh and Mark Sanford are leaning toward a Republican primary challenge to President Trump, while Jeff Flake is taking recruitment calls and John Kasich plans a visit to New Hampshire.

The March for Our Lives “Peace Plan” calls for a gun registry, an assault weapons ban and mandatory buybacks.

Why 2020 Democrats are backing off Medicare-for-all, in 4 charts

Polls show that voters like the idea in theory but are less enthusiastic when they hear the details.

A foreign leader finally said what she really thought about Trump’s ideas. And Trump clearly didn’t like it.

For once, foreign leaders didn't pretend Trump's idea wasn't ridiculous. The result is what we're seeing.

Trump is ramping up his economic double-talk to tamp down recession fears

As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump warned about the perils of President Barack Obama’s economic management. Now as president, Trump often fails to heed his own advice.

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It comes just as President Trump is backing away from background checks.

The move comes two days after President Trump told reporters that owning Greenland “would be nice” for the United States from a strategic perspective.

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Trump appears worried about the economy, but his claims continue to be misleading or false.

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You couldn't have written this script if you tried.

When Elizabeth Warren met Stephanie Oyen at a rally, her first words were, "We need to talk."

After extensive lobbying by the gun rights group, the president’s interest wanes.

Jennifer Horn resigned from the Log Cabin Republicans national board after the group announced its endorsement of President Trump.

The Romanian leader will be the seventh from Central or Eastern Europe to visit the White House this year.

Two of the court’s most important upcoming cases involve changing government’s view of the law.

“I think it’s much more appropriate to have Russia in,” the president told reporters in the Oval Office on Tuesday, days before he is set to arrive in France for this weekend’s G-7 summit.

Critics say that the president’s remarks, made in an exchange with reporters in the Oval Office, promoted anti-Semitic stereotypes.

Their departures comes at a time of extraordinary turmoil for the gun rights organization.

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A Pew Research Center study found that nearly two-thirds of Jewish Americans identified as Democrats or as independents who generally vote Democratic.

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Trump has spent days arguing that the possibility of recession is a media creation. But Tuesday, he suggested it might be the price of doing the much-needed business of his trade war.

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How often does Trump repeat his favorite insults? An awful lot.

Federal prosecutors said the pathologist schemed to cover up years of drug and alcohol use on the job in Arkansas.

The president’s remarks came one day after The Washington Post reported that several senior White House officials had begun discussing such a move.

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