Critics say states expanding the practice may find the drop boxes are vulnerable to fraud.

News from the trail and other scoops from the campaign.

Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.), who has ties to Liberty University, said Falwell should step down as the Christian college's president.

Biden's Catholicism has long influenced his policy-making and guided him through personal trials.

The most competitive Senate races of 2020

Can Democrats win back the majority in the Senate in November? It’s looking increasingly possible, thanks largely to President Trump’s spiraling poll numbers over the coronavirus and race relations.

All the members of Congress who have lost their primaries in 2020 so far, and why

William Lacy Clay in Missouri isn’t the only powerful Democrat to fall to a liberal challenger

Trump’s nonsensical answer about why Florida and apparently no other state can vote by mail safely

There's no reason to single Florida out over any number of other states — except a political one.

Since the beginning of the crisis, Trump has contradicted the government’s top health experts, downplayed the severity of the deadly pathogen, deflected blame for the high death rate in the United States and pushed to reopen businesses and public schools.

Following publication of books by Trump’s niece and former top advisers, a lawsuit aims to release hundreds of others from confidentiality agreements.

In the latest example of manipulated video, the Trump campaign Photoshopped images of Biden campaigning so he appears to be alone.

On the Democratic side, environmentalist Marquita Bradshaw defeated Army veteran and attorney James Mackler.

Trump is heading to Ohio for the first time since the pandemic, while Biden is set to deliver a virtual address to Latino leaders, as Tennessee holds its primary on Thursday.

President Trump signaled earlier Thursday that absent a deal, he will take executive actions on several fronts.

Mississippi, now experiencing the country’s highest rate of positive tests, is emblematic of the pandemic’s new reality.

In a civil suit filed Wednesday, New York Attorney General Letitia James alleges that CEO Wayne LaPierre and other top leaders drained $64 million from the nonprofit in three years.

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In this edition: The left's fears about Susan Rice, some good turnout news from Tuesday's primaries, and the debate about debating.

The Postal Service had previously played down the changes that employees say have caused days-long backlogs.

A voter registration group with a history of error-prone mailers sent ballot applications with return envelopes addressed to the wrong elections offices.

The youth group is less focused on President Trump and more interested in changing policy at the state and local levels.

As disconnections loom, lawmakers are at odds about what to do next.

The vice president’s rare rebuke came as he argued that the federal courts should be a big factor in the upcoming election.

The Democratic leader was wrong to say a GOP bill would allow “no medical malpractice suits till 2024, even if they’re not covid-related.”

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