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Trump’s efforts to try to subvert the election were pervasive, unrelenting and fuel for the attack on the Capitol. A full accounting still hasn’t been done.

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As the deal threatened to collapse at several points, President Biden picked up the phone to speak privately with key Republicans. The negotiations tested his promise that he could work with GOP senators, yielding results but angering some liberals.

The massive haul reveals how the former president has reaped financial rewards while claiming the election was stolen from him.

The Senate has been pushing to get a bipartisan bill across the finish line, after weeks of uncertainty, negotiations and missed deadlines.

Vaccine doubters’ strange fixation with Israel

Israel is a case study in the vaccine's efficacy. But a rise in cases has vaccine skeptics cherry-picking their data.

Biden’s ‘over his skis’ moment on Facebook

Analyzing Biden's walk-back of his comment that platforms such as Facebook are "killing people."

5 takeaways from the new House and Senate fundraising reports

Looking at how the pro-impeachment Republicans did, along with some of the other big numbers.

Former president Donald Trump's political action committees have continued spending money at his properties, filings show.

President Donald Trump bluntly urged acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen to back claims of voter fraud, which senior Justice officials told him were false.

Biden Justice Department has concluded that seeking Trump’s taxes serves “a legitimate legislative purpose.”

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One of Congress's far-right members has proposed such a bill, which is a non-starter.

Biden administration adds sanctions on Cuban security officials and seeks ways to help anti-government protesters buck state censorship.

Daniel Goodwyn could go to jail for failing to comply with the requirement.

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"Just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me and the R. Congressmen," said President Donald Trump to acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen.

Three House Democrats have been arrested at protests over voting rights.

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The website Gateway Pundit — long a storehouse of unfounded conspiracy theories — has upped the ante in its claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump.

The lawmakers suggest bringing in the former DHS secretary or someone in his mold to tackle the influx of migrants at the southern border.

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It's more problematic — but vaccines work.

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A recent watchdog report from the Government Accountability Office suggested that the Social Security Administration review quotas of 500 to 700 cases annual for its administrative law judges.

Trump never announced a recipient of the final $220,000 of his salary. His post-presidential office has not said where it went.

The rate is actually 45 percent, according to a national study from 2019.

Abbott's ban comes as the coronavirus’s more contagious delta variant drives another surge in cases in Texas.

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