Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.), is also campaigning in the Tar Heel State, while Vice President Pence has stops planned in New Hampshire and Ohio.

At a drive-in rally for Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, Obama denounced his successor’s handling of the coronavirus crisis and said he was unable to even “protect himself” from covid-19.

Lower courts had said that local jurisdictions that want to offer accommodation to the elderly and disabled should be able to do so.

Timeline: The 162 times Trump has downplayed the coronavirus threat

The president's unfailing optimism, over time.

Why Senate Republicans would rather approve a Supreme Court nominee than coronavirus stimulus

Polls show a coronavirus bill is more popular — but not necessarily with Republicans’ base.

More evasive answers from Amy Coney Barrett

In newly released written answers, Barrett declined to weigh in on yet more issues that seem to have clear legal answers — and pretty much anything that touched on President Trump's controversies.

Trump sees his crowds as a source of momentum, and Biden sees safe practices as appealing to voters.

Voting rights groups and election monitors say they are on alert amid a high-stakes election for any instance of voter interference.

The new guidance is likely to have the biggest impact on schools, workplaces and other group settings since more people are likely to be considered at risk.

The 22-member Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote Thursday on President Trump’s nominee, who was expected to win approval on a party-line vote.

Mail-in voting has been relatively sluggish in West Virginia so far, but in-person turnout appeared strong in the Mountain State’s population hubs.

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For not the first time, the Trump administration is using a big ol' stack of paper as a rhetorical point.

The judge chided the president for his careless reference to classified information but denied fuller disclosure of investigation records.

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In key places, the early vote is up two to four times where it was four years ago.

Physician and former Republican Barbara Bollier is locked in a close race with Rep. Roger Marshall for a Senate seat that has been in GOP hands for nearly 100 years.

Allegations of possible voter intimidation and improper campaigning, many involving Trump supporters, have marked the early days of voting.

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His reelection effort is centered on the same bubble in which he has been living since 2017.

Sen. Thom Tillis and Republicans are airing ads calling Cunningham’s campaign “one big lie,” hopeful that the sex scandal will be his undoing.

Filings show how the two campaigns compared financially in the final sprint to Election Day.

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