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It's probably the first such do-over in American history.

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Over and over, President Trump says the Treasury is earning "billions" from tariffs. But Americans, not China, pay the tariffs and so far, it's a net loser for the government.

“It’s not the way we should be going about our politics,” the two-term Republican governor told Politico.

Lee, who won election in November, said in a statement to the Tennessean that he regretted wearing the uniform at an “Old South” party while a student at Auburn University.

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Roger Stone’s dirty tricks just caught up with him

A judge rebuked Stone on Thursday for a suggestive social media post about her. And Stone's past made it difficult to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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Last week, Trump admitted his wall wasn’t being built. Now, he’s back to misleading.

An exchange that some people missed last week.

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It’s Mueller time (apparently). Here are four big questions.

The probe will likely wrap up soon. Here's what to watch for.

The case is the second in recent months in which a government employee has been charged with the crime of disclosing such material.

Rush, who had called for a hate crimes investigation into the alleged attack, said Thursday he was “beyond disappointed and extremely infuriated” by the actor’s behavior.

Pence was accompanied on his trip by Tim Scott (R-S.C.) — the lone black Republican senator who has been critical of Trump at times.

Democratic candidates who voiced support for actor are taking a more cautious stand.

The partisan accusations, which relate to payments to an adult-film actress, have surfaced early in the new congressional session.

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Some Democrats are searching for candidates with a fresh face and interesting backgrounds that are short on legislative voting records.

The ruling is sharply critical of how prosecutors, including future Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, handled a non-prosecution agreement with billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

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In this edition: What candidates are talking about when they talk about "the dignity of work," New Hampshire voters' second choice and drama in North Carolina's 9th district.

In 2016, there were six “Trump Place” buildings on the Upper West Side. Soon, there will be one.

The board’s vote followed Republican candidate Mark Harris’s testimony calling for a new election after he said he was mistaken in his testimony earlier in the day.

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A new poll reinforces the stark differences between parties.

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A review of television and online coverage shows more attention paid in recent days.

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Some questions may never be answered.

The vice president plans to travel to Colombia two days after Venezuela’s opposition leader threatened a showdown over aid.

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