The region that swung the presidency to the Republican now looks to candidates who pledge to keep him in check

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Attorneys fees paid by President Trump’s campaign committee have ticked down in the past three months.

Trump’s Supreme Court nominee has described conservative Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist as his “first judicial hero.”

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6 questions from the indictment of 12 Russians for hacking

Some of which The Washington Post has already begun to answer.

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Rep. Gohmert’s comments about Strzok’s infidelity prompt charges of hypocrisy against GOP

A GOP lawmaker only seems concerned about infidelity when it's not a Republican engaging in it.

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Mueller’s indictment of 12 Russians lands at a really awkward moment for Trump

He's about to sit down with the Russian president

The president’s boundary-breaking success has prompted a caste of politicians to act, and insult, like him

Crowley spoke with CBS News three days after an unusual Twitter spat with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the self-described democratic socialist who beat him June 26.

Many Russia experts worry the novice U.S. president is unprepared for the seasoned Russian president and ex-KGB agent.

The president also tried to set expectations for his one-on-one meeting with Russia’s Putin in a new CBS interview.

As the two leaders continue to disagree on how she should handle the British exit from the bloc, Trump called the E.U. a “foe” in a CBS interview that aired Sunday. 

With 'Who Is America?' Sacha Baron Cohen is once again attempting to pull the veil off American hypocrisy. His critics say he's plenty guilty himself.

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Unlike his White House predecessors, the 45th president has eschewed cultural events meant to broaden U.S. appeal and promote a democratic agenda abroad.

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President Trump’s nominee to replace Justice Anthony M. Kennedy was the subject of one of the Senate’s most contentious confirmation battles a dozen years ago.

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Kim Dionne's book tells us what goes wrong when global intervention meets local needs.

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Six experts weigh in.

"I have no commitments or anything there," the U.S. Senate candidate says.

Her messages with FBI agent Peter Strzok have fueled Republicans’ claims of political bias at the bureau.

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There are 187 active charges and guilty pleas targeting 32 people and three businesses.

The U.S. president also continued his attacks on the Mueller probe as a ‘rigged witch hunt’ this week while traveling overseas.

Campaign swing will benefit two congressional candidates who argue that left-wing politics are the key to winning in red states.

During the 2016 campaign, Stone communicated with Guccifer 2.0, an online persona that the special counsel alleges was used by the Russians.

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