Immigration experts said Viktor and Amalija Knavs very likely relied on family sponsorship to obtain their green cards, a process Trump has derided.

(Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post)

A handful of individual donors have given seven figures or more thus far in the election cycle — a sign of donor enthusiasm ahead of a crucial midterm year.

Rubio drew special attention when he said the 2016 Orlando shooting was a life-altering event and then ran for reelection. His Senate record on guns has drawn scrutiny.

The president has yet to cross the NRA, but has privately discussed ideas that could put him at odds with the gun-rights group.

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Marco Rubio’s intense, emotional exchange with the father of a Parkland victim, annotated

The father confronted Rubio on what he felt were his "weak" comments on guns.

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This photo of Trump’s notes captures his empathy deficit better than anything

Photographers captured Trump's notes from his gun-violence listening session. At No. 5: “I hear you."

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How Trump can (and probably will) spin out of questions about Melania’s parents and ‘chain migration’

The president has justified taking advantage of laws he wants to change, and he is not the only politician to do so.

Benjamin Kelly, an aide to Florida legislator Shawn Harrison, was let go after making his claims on Tuesday.

The vice president’s office promoted his trip as an effort to combat what it said was North Korea’s effort to use the Winter Games for propaganda purposes.

The 45th president frequently tries to outdo the 44th, even when facts get in the way.

In 2016, as Donald Trump won Kentucky by the biggest margin of any Republican presidential candidate in history, Belcher lost her seat by just 156 votes to Republican pastor Dan Johnson.

It's the latest attempt by Republican lawmakers to get Trump to take a softer stance on trade.

“We’re going to take a swing at that and I’m hoping we’ll be able to do it,” said Sen. Patrick J. Toomey (R-Pa.)

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The Agriculture Department employee was placed on administrative leave after she unexpectedly told her story at a Black History Month event.

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And a worse one on Trump's tweet blaming the Russia investigation for the recent mass shooting.

Trump said he expects “that these critical regulations will be finalized ... very soon.”

Justice says his colleagues are turning the Second Amendment into a “disfavored right.”

CPAC has been remade in the president's image. The inclusion of Marion Maréchal-Le Pen is further proof.

A new poll shows a 10-year high in support for stricter gun laws, and Trump just called for bump stocks regulations. But skepticism is still warranted.

Brendan Dassey said his confession was coerced and violated rules for interrogating a minor.

Alex van der Zwaan admitted he lied about communications with Rick Gates in connection with work for the Ukrainian government.

The Palestinian leader accused the U.S. of abdicating its commitment to Middle East peace, while the U.N. ambassador said Abbas is shortchanging his people.

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The preferred strategy among Republicans? Metal detectors at schools.

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For one: The NRA has been silent on Twitter longer.

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