Trump has disparaged his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, for wearing a mask and publicly downplayed the importance of face coverings during the pandemic.

As Joe Biden balances a liberal surge with his longtime centrism, a governing blueprint emerges that’s far more progressive than Biden’s record but doesn’t go as far as many liberals want.

Both Democratic and Republican operatives increasingly view Trump as a drag on GOP candidates in many key Senate and House races — especially in suburban areas, where polling and focus group data suggest he has been bleeding support.

Roger Stone, and Trump’s extraordinary record on clemency

An inordinate number of Trump’s pardons and commutations have gone to people with either personal or political ties to him, and he has also shown himself willing to intervene in serious cases, such as those involving murder or corruption, that other presidents have avoided.

Majority of Americans say race discrimination is a big problem in the U.S.

Most Americans view race relations as a major issue and believe that President Trump has made matters worse, according to polling.

How the Trump administration has tried to explain clearing protesters from Lafayette Square

The Trump administration has given differing and at times contradictory accounts of why protesters were cleared outside Lafayette Square on June 1.

Trump has been brutal taunting his former attorney general Jeff Sessions over his recusal from control of the Russia investigation. The abuse undermines Sessions in Tuesday’s GOP runoff against Tommy Tuberville.

The anti-Trump groups seek to build a national political operation, with a particular focus on convincing white suburban voters who consider themselves true Republicans to break from the president.

Trump hasn’t talked to the scientist since early June, saying ‘he’s made a lot of mistakes.'

The president labeled the prosecution a ‘Witch Hunt’ on Twitter and amplified Stone’s claims of juror bias during his federal trial last year in Washington.

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Walking through Trump's hyperbolic and often false explanation for his entirely predictable decision.

The spike is driven by a recent wave of cases in Southern and Western states.

About 30 percent of people of color under 65 died, compared to 13 percent of their white counterparts, according to CDC's most in-depth analysis to date of covid-19 deaths in the U.S.

With November’s election looming, the court’s five Republican-appointed conservatives and four liberals picked by Democratic presidents may have looked for chances to cross lines and display their independence.

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A Post columnist got a look at the numbers that the president thinks show he’s going to win in November.

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As a candidate, Trump promised to fix crime. Now, he deflects blame.

Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told reporters that the event would be postponed because of a forecast for a “big storm.” Forecasts do not call for a storm to hit coastal New Hampshire.

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Criticize the boasting, not the test.

The Texas Republican added his voice to a chorus of Republicans who have questioned the Illinois Democrat’s views since she suggested that protesters who opposed monuments to some of the Founding Fathers should be listened to.

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