In an op-ed, the Senate majority leader touted the rights of the minority party in his chamber and said, “America needs the Senate to be the Senate.”

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Women aren’t expected to receive security guarantees in the initial U.S. deal with the Taliban.

Jennifer Horn resigned from the Log Cabin Republicans national board after they announced their endorsement of President Trump.

Advisers warned the president that there is little support for significant action on gun control among Republican voters — and even among some Democrats.

House Democrats have some convincing to do on impeachment

A new poll suggests House Democrats pursuing an impeachment inquiry will have to simultaneously build their case against Trump and make it to the American people.

Joe Walsh is not your anti-Trump savior

The one-term congressman is getting a push to run in a primary against Trump. Before his turn as a Trump critic on social media, he was calling Barack Obama a Muslim and pushing the birther conspiracy theory.

Just how bad are things at the NRA?

The Fix spoke to one of The Washington Post's reporters who has been uncovering the extraordinary drama at the top gun-rights group.

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The vice president offers Democrats what they most desperately want: A do-over.

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President Trump has divided the country, pitting left against right. He's also pitted many political figures against their former selves.

Elizabeth Warren releases a criminal justice plan that draws clear contrasts with the records of some of her top rivals — Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker.

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Amy Klobuchar says Congress needs to act now.

The wife of the former vice president sought to make the case for her husband’s “electability” during a campaign stop in the nation’s first primary state.

The president can claim he helped defund the women's health service.

'It’s almost astonishing,' said Robert Hockett, who is advising Sens. Warren and Sanders.

It’s still not clear if Trump will jettison the ban as part of a trade deal with Beijing.

The Romanian leader will be the seventh from Central or Eastern Europe to visit the White House this year.

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In our survey, both Republicans and Democrats would cut the deficit by raising taxes.

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'I challenge my fellow Republicans to summon the nerve to speak out on the record against Trump,' Scaramucci writes in a Post op-ed.

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Survey data shows when Americans are – and aren’t – up for intervention.

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Kamala Harris’s switch on health care highlights a broader move by Democrats to soften their initial enthusiasm for a sweeping government health plan.

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The 2020 presidential hopeful touts her plan to give middle-class taxpayers $500 a month, but misleadingly suggests that the money to pay for it will come from companies and the top 1 percent.

After Trump’s election, many began to think about racial justice more seriously.

Child trust funds have never been fully tested in the way the presidential hopeful envisions, after an experiment in the United Kingdom was cut short a decade ago.

At a Washington Post Live event, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) talked up her chances, reflecting the mounting pressure on struggling presidential candidates to jump-start — or salvage — their campaigns.

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