In an op-ed, the Senate majority leader touted the rights of the minority party in his chamber and said, “America needs the Senate to be the Senate.”

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In a statement, the Supreme Court said Ginsburg underwent radiation for “a localized malignant tumor” and that there’s no evidence of disease elsewhere in her body.

The president’s personal attack could signal a deeper shift in his administration’s increasingly confrontational strategy with Beijing, analysts said.

A year after his father’s death, Jack McCain is making sense of deploying while his father, Sen. John McCain, battled cancer.

Trump is flailing to blame someone, anyone, for an economy he’s increasingly anxious about

In comparing the Fed chair to an enemy of America, he is implicitly acknowledging that voters will blame him.

The top 10 House races of 2020

Republicans are intent on taking back seats they think should be rightfully theirs, in districts that Trump won by double digits. It’s those seats that make up the bulk of The Fix’s list of House races most likely to flip parties in 2020.

Trump and the GOP want you to know they’re really, seriously thinking about budget-cutting ... in a few years

They keep floating the idea that this will be done if Trump wins reelection. Skepticism is necessary.

In a morning tweet, the president claimed that 94 percent of fellow Republicans approve of the way he is handling his job. Neither he nor his aides identified the poll he was citing.

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By "ordering" business to aid his trade war, Trump reveals his priorities.

“We’re not in a position to answer that question,” said Raphael Prober, the attorney for Deutsche Bank, the president’s largest creditor.

An audit released last week points to ongoing challenges to standing up a functioning government in Afghanistan.

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After months of trying, many Democratic candidates haven’t really made much of a dent at all.

The network announced that McCabe, who was fired last year, would serve as a contributor starting Friday.

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Trump generally suggests that his approval rating is about 7 points higher than it is.

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The Indian government has said that things remain calm in Kashmir. But video, as well as media and eye-witness reports, dispute that claim.

Moulton focused his campaign on foreign policy and national security but was unable to move up among the party’s moderates, who have coalesced for now around former vice president Joe Biden.

At least nine Democratic presidential hopefuls will probably miss the September debate stage. Should they fold their tents, or soldier on hoping for an improbable comeback?

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New research shows that simply asking about their national identity can lower Muslims’ political engagement.

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Sanders’s new $16.3 trillion climate plan would remake large sections of the U.S. economy. Many environmentalists praise its sweep, but some Democratic strategists worry it will spook centrists.

The gun rights group severed ties with prominent Washington attorney Charles Cooper, who said that during his three decades of work for the NRA, he “adhered to the highest standards of professionalism and loyalty.”

The Republican Party is using the president's interest in Greenland as a fundraising pitch.

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