The attorney general made his position known in a recent phone call with White House counsel Donald McGahn.

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Senate Democrats face a tough map this year, and the massive haul by the Senate Majority PAC highlights donor momentum building to defend Democratic incumbents in states that President Trump carried in 2016.

The governor, who has also been charged with invasion of privacy, has so far refused to step down.

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Keith Davidson has been contacted by federal authorities investigating Trump’s personal lawyer and has turned over “limited electronic information,” a spokesman said.

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The 5 biggest political headlines of this week

Get caught up quick.

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Shifting views on marijuana highlight just how differently people of color are impacted by drug laws

Not everyone benefits from increased support for marijuana decriminalization.

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What’s up with politicians suddenly embracing pot?

From Chuck Schumer to President Trump and John Boehner, pot advocates say they've had one of their best weeks in Washington ever.

The unusual release of the memo is part of a broader campaign to rehabilitate director nominee’s image ahead of Senate confirmation hearing.

The Democratic National Committee seeks millions in damages and acknowledgment of wrongdoing from Trump aides, WikiLeaks and others.

Mira Ricardel, a top Commerce Department official, takes over as deputy national security adviser; she reportedly clashed with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

A historic summit with Kim Jong Un has offered Trump the chance to hype what is possible even as analysts warn he could be setting himself, and the United States, up for failure.

Potential presidential candidates addressed the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network convention, tailoring their pitch to appeal to African Americans.

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Banks saved $462 a second in the first quarter of 2018.

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The complaint filed Friday is a social-media thread written in legalese.

With overcrowded prisons, there are attempts to change strict laws on drug use in Tunisia, Morocco and Lebanon.

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Trump built the image of success personified, which he later parlayed into a winning campaign to “Make America Great Again.”

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The key memo Comey gave a friend was marked as “unclassified.”

"He will stain everyone around him."

As he fights to hang onto his job, the administrator faces a profusion of investigations into allegations of excessive spending and unethical conduct.

The memos may have done Trump more harm than good.

Trump took fresh aim on Twitter at the fired FBI director, whose memos on White House meetings were released a day before.

“Almost no one ultimately turns out to be loyal to Donald Trump,” Kimmel said, “because Donald Trump isn't loyal to them."

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