President Biden, who laid out his plan to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, offered a sober assessment about the crisis.

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The president plans an address from the White House on his administration's efforts to address an economy battered by the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden is asking the Department of Agriculture to allow states to increase Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits — food assistance formerly called food stamps, and to increase by 15 percent benefits awarded through a school meals programs for low-income schools started during the pandemic, according to Biden officials. That could give a family of three children more than $100 in extra benefits every two months, according to tktktk.

The Capitol Police are investigating the incident, a spokeswoman said.

The GOP’s oversimplified pushback on Biden’s executive actions

Republicans said little when Trump did much the same thing during his presidency.

The Army inexplicably creates a heap of suspicion in handling of Michael Flynn’s brother

Washington Post article says the Army falsely denied Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn’s involvement in a key meeting about how to respond during the siege of the Capitol.

3 significant shifts that Vice President Harris cements

Harris’s presence in the most powerful rooms in Washington will be significant for reasons beyond symbolism.

In an inaugural address that pleaded for unity, President Biden identified an enemy.

This is where Democrats and Republicans in the Senate stand on convicting President Trump. He was impeached by the House on Jan. 13, making him the first president in history to have been impeached twice.

McConnell and others said Trump needed more time to prepare since he was struggling to find a legal team.

The president spoke in somber tones as he unveiled a covid-19 plan, comparing the situation to a war and warning that deaths could top 500,000 next month.

New financial disclosures show the depth of his financial problems, compounded by his role in the Capitol riot.

Authorities are seeking information on dozens of individuals who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Here are some of the most notable figures who have been arrested and more about the charges they face and who they are.

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President Biden campaigned on a promise to fix what’s broken, to repair divisions, to pull the country out of sickness, and to restore norms and institutions that were pillars of the Washington in which he built his career. But can he do that?

On his first full day in office, the president plans to focus on the top priority of his new administration: dealing with many aspects of the public health crisis.

With a veteran reporter taking the place of controversial overseer Michael Pack, the dominoes started falling in other top offices.

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The government's leading infectious-disease expert exults in being able to speak frankly.

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What happens to the filibuster? What will "unity" mean, in practice? And more.

With Q having vanished and Trump out of office, far-right extremist groups are targeting disillusioned believers online in hopes of further radicalizing them to a new cause.

The Executive Order could lead to an emergency standard for businesses — a set of a regulations they would have to comply with, like mask-wearing, that advocates say is necessary to combat the pandemic.

  • Analysis

A simple comparison of like-sized states shows how the pandemic can be better addressed.

Can anything get GOP senators to vote to convict Trump?

Follow the president-elect’s progress filling nearly 800 positions, among the 1,250 that require Senate confirmation, in this tracker from The Washington Post and the Partnership for Public Service.

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