The first few days of Biden’s administration have produced a blizzard of fact sheets and memorandums — a veritable redwood worth of paperwork — with aspirations of a return to regular order.

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The president plans to sign his latest in a series of executive orders on Monday, this one aiming to boost sales of goods manufactured in the United States.

As the state’s population booms and its politics shift, proposed federal legislation would safeguard hundreds of miles of iconic waterways.

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Deborah Birx saw Trump presenting graphs she never made, the former White House coronavirus response coordinator said Sunday.

The GOP’s looming impeachment strategy: Focus on the Constitution, not Trump

Republicans reportedly plan to argue Trump can't be convicted now that he's out of office.

Three questions about the next four years

Now that the transition has happened, what will the election and what came after mean for our politics?

What happens next in the impeachment of President Trump?

Trump is the first president in history to be impeached twice. could the Senate convict him?

Maryland’s Republican governor says he’s being urged to seek presidency in 2024 — and strategists say he could have a chance.

Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial is set to start in the Senate on Feb. 9.

Trump-friendly officials who served the previous administration as political appointees have burrowed into career roles at federal agencies, with protections against dismissal.

The selfie photos that off-duty officers took inside the Capitol during the violent siege was a wake-up call for many who have denied the problem.

The private Zoom call Sunday that included key centrist lawmakers from both parties was an early test of whether Biden’s relief plan has a chance of passing Congress with bipartisan backing.

Civil rights activists welcome Harris’s prominent role in the Biden administration. But they say the White House cannot use her presence to justify delaying action on racial justice.

A four-year Fact Checker project comes to an end.

Extreme-left demonstrators destroyed the Democratic headquarters in Portland hours after President Biden took the oath of office.

The Washington Post Fact Checker’s database of Trump claims, originally launched as a project to track his first 100 days, offers a window into his obsessions.

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Scroll a visual timeline of all the false or misleading claims Donald Trump made during his time in office.

The former president, in his first political activity since leaving office, endorses an ally for Arizona party chair who backed his false claims of election fraud.

Israel’s new ambassador takes over as the Biden administration seeks a renewed nuclear agreement with Iran over Israeli objections.

Voters are exhausted, eager for Biden’s quiet style and yet still have plenty of fight left.

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The president hopes to show government can work effectively to combat the pandemic and revive the economy while trying to change the political climate in the capital.

The broadcaster reigned on cable news for a quarter-century, giving guests a haven to spill their secrets, hype their projects and soften their image.

The United States is near the top of the pack, behind some of the fastest countries to vaccinate, including Israel and Britain, but ahead of most of the rest of the world.

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