In the wake of a troubling budget forecast, the vote to revise the 2010 health law will wait until after the July 4 recess.

(Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post)

The majority leader is trying to send revisions to the Congressional Budget Office by Friday. The hope is for a new score by the time lawmakers return to Washington in mid-July — and to pass a bill before the August recess.

The White House and a symbiotic conservative media have largely moved on to other topics of media bias and cultural warfare.

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Trump's ICE director won't say that undocumented immigrants commit more crime.

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Trump is outsourcing White House media relations to his personal lawyer

Jay Sekulow has become increasingly visible as Sean Spicer has receded into the background.

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The GOP’s health-care bill is political kryptonite

Americans hate virtually everything about it.

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The dirty little secret of the GOP’s health care push: Not even Republicans are demanding this

The bill's supporters say the GOP needs to deliver on its promise; the GOP base doesn't seem all that concerned.

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Splitting the difference with Democrats on tax rates is one thing. Closing a vast ideological divide on an issue that affects most Americans is something else.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is trying to finalize a new version of the Republican health-care bill before the July 4th recess, but just what will sway both moderate and conservative hold outs remains unclear.

President Trump on June 28 said his administration his “liberating towns” from foreign gangs, including MS-13. Trump also said the House will vote on strengthened immigration policies.

It is not clear what the president was referring to.

The new lawmaker is set to miss votes on legislation that would have an outsize impact on his constituents.

President Trump on June 28 hosted the Chicago Cubs at the White House. The Cubs won the World Series in 2016.

This is the farthest CRS transparency efforts have advanced after a long push to make the agency's reports more directly accessible to the public.

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Trump's commerce secretary got his mic cut at a German conference to laughter and applause.

The Senate Republican leader may yet fashion a deal, but the delay suggests an uphill battle. Here's why.

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Spicer laments the number of uninsured — which his party's bills would increase.

Eric Trump, President Trump's son, opened the new golf course at the Trump Turnberry resort in Scotland on June 28.

President Trump on June 28 said he and Republican leaders “are looking at a health care that would be a fantastic tribute to our country.”

President Trump on June 28 hosted tribal, state and local leaders at the White House for a meeting about energy.

A new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll shows the Senate health-care bill is deeply unpopular — and not just among Democrats.

The two leaders could not be more different, and their relationship so far has been rocky.

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A new poll offers a number of warning signs.

The Northern Virginia Democrat moved quickly to create his own meme after The Washington Post reported that President Trump’s magazine cover was fake.

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