The president-elect also said he would force drug firms to negotiate prices in Medicare and Medicaid.

(Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post)

Americans for Prosperity's new legislative agenda suffuses familiar ideas with newly raised expectations.

After the civil rights icon criticized him, he tweeted that Lewis “should spend more time on fixing and helping his district.”

In feud with John Lewis, Donald Trump attacked ‘one of the most respected people in America’

Even politicians who disagree with Lewis's policy positions say the civil rights icon deserves the nation's respect.

He’s with her: Donald Trump revives Hillary Clinton’s idea about kicking media out of White House

The press won a standoff in 1993 but now must fight again to protect its space in the White House.

Rep. John Lewis’s books sell out following Donald Trump’s attacks

Lewis said on “Meet the Press” that he wouldn't invite Trump to Selma, Ala., the site of historic civil rights marches.

Trump and aides hit back at civil rights icon and government-ethics chief.

Priebus spoke on ABC's "This Week" hours after Esquire magazine published a report suggesting that the media could be permanently moved from the White House to other buildings nearby.

President-elect’s refusal to divest from vast holdings means political appointees face awkward decisions affecting the boss’s bottom line.

Crowds ranging in size from dozens to thousands of people were urged to keep fighting against repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

The high court will hear case about the Slants, whose trademark registration was denied.

Authorities prepare for numerous demonstrations and possible disruptions

President-elect Donald Trump’s team and senators of both parties on Jan. 15 reacted to Trump’s feud with Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.).

A focus group in Cleveland agreed they want him to “shake up a storm” in Washington.

Priebus rejected Democrats' comparisons to Trump's own well-publicized doubts about Obama's eligibility to serve.

People carrying a cellphone on or near the Mall will receive an emergency text at 3 p.m., part of a test of the District’s Wireless Emergency Alert system.

The ethics office director has sought on Twitter to influence Trump about his businesses.

The vice president-elect also said that a Trump official did not talk to the Russians about new sanctions.

The Georgia congressman says the president-elect is not “legitimate.” Trump responds that the civil rights leader is “all talk.”

Republican Governors Association donates record $5 million to GOP, hoping to flip Va.

Pompeo and Tillerson give future people in the hot seat contrasting examples.

Asked about Trump’s tweeting, the president spoke of the need for presidential “norms” and “traditions.”

From tweet storms to Russian relations, Trump readies for a presidency unlike any other.

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