Chelsea Clinton is not ruling out a future bid for elected office, calling the notion a “definite no for now” but a “definite maybe” in the future.

Clinton, the daughter of a former president and a U.S. senator, shared her musings during an appearance at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, where she also said she “abhors” the presidency of Donald Trump and is outraged daily by something he does.

“I think my family . . . is being really well represented,” Clinton, a New York resident, said during an appearance at the festival on Monday to promote a children’s book she has written. “But if that were to change, if my city councilor were to retire, if my congresswoman were to retire, my senators, and I thought that I could make a positive impact, then I think I would really have to ask my answer to that question.”

“For me it’s a definite no now, but it’s a definite maybe in the future because who knows what the future is going to bring?” she added, according to local reports.

During the appearance, Clinton said she continues to think her mother, Hillary Clinton, would have been “a uniquely extraordinary president” if she had prevailed over Trump in the 2016 election.

She also praised her mother, the 2016 Democratic nominee, for continuing to try to have a positive impact on politics, saying she was “not remotely surprised that she hasn’t pulled the covers over her head because that’s just not who my mom is.”

Clinton was far less charitable when speaking about Trump.

“I’m outraged every day by something our president has done or said or left undone or neglected, or who he has recently bullied on Twitter or television,” Clinton said. “For me, sometimes, I think I’m just so fundamentally my mother’s daughter that I’m far more outraged by the Trump administration ripping children away from their families at the border and not having reunified those children with their families now for months, than I am about anything he has ever done to my family.”

Clinton, who was 12 when her father, Bill Clinton, arrived in the White House, also said she feels “incredibly protective” of Barron Trump, the current president’s son, who is now 12 years old and living in the White House.

“I disagree with his father on everything, but people have made fun of him, bullied him, for his appearance, or for him being more private,” Clinton said. “Equally I have no patience for that because he’s a child, and he deserves a childhood as every child does.”