Oak Ridge break-in trio ordered to pay

A federal judge has ordered a Catholic nun, a Vietnam veteran and a house painter from Duluth, Minn., to pay full restitution of $53,000 for damaging one of the nation’s most secure sites for nuclear weapons production. The three were convicted of sabotage last year for breaking into the facility and were facing sentencing Tuesday.

Falling snow, however, caused U.S. District Court Judge Amul Thapar to suspend the hearing until Feb. 18. The government had asked for the three to be given terms of five to nine years.

Thapar ordered Michael Walli, who has been based for years at the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker house in Washington, and fellow peace activists Sister Megan Rice and Gregory Boertje-Obed back to jail until the hearing can continue.

In the predawn hours of July 28, 2012, the trio cut through four fences at the Y-12 National Security Complex in nearby Oak Ridge, Tenn., where the fuel for the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, was produced during the Manhattan Project.

— Dan Zak

Dark, blue-eyed man
of ancient Europe

A hunter-gatherer who lived in Europe about 7,000 years ago probably had blue eyes and dark skin, a combination that has largely disappeared from the continent in the millennia since, scientists said Tuesday.

The discovery, published in the journal Nature this week, was made by scientists from the United States, Europe and Australia who analyzed ancient DNA extracted from a male tooth found in a cave in northern Spain.

Lead researcher Carles ­Lalueza-Fox, who works at the ­Institute of Evolutionary Biology in Barcelona, said the man’s skin would have been darker than that of most modern Europeans, while his eyes may have resembled those of Scandinavians, his closest genetic relatives today. The combination of blue eyes and dark skin, which is sometimes seen in people with mixed European and African ancestry, may once have been common among ancient European hunter-gatherers, he said.

— Associated Press

Officer shoots teen in Hawaii school: A police officer shot a
17-year-old runaway in the wrist Tuesday morning at a Hawaii high school after the teen cut one officer with a knife and punched two others, authorities said. A State Department of Education spokeswoman said that the boy showed up at Roosevelt High School near downtown Honolulu and that officials there recognized him as a runaway and called police. When officers tried to take the boy into custody, he allegedly attacked them.

Border Patrol grounds drones after crash: U.S. Customs and Border Protection has grounded its drones after a crew was forced to crash a pilotless craft off the coast of Southern California because of a mechanical problem, a spokesman said Tuesday. The crew downed the drone in the Pacific Ocean, 20 miles southwest of San Diego, on Monday, the official said.

— From news services