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Amid a government shutdown, more typos — from Trump and the White House

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Have the White House copy editors been furloughed?

In a new email message Friday to the American people, President Trump is demanding that Congress come to an “agreemnet” to end the partial government shutdown and give him his wall “immediatly.”

The typos are included in a three-paragraph, auto-reply message to people who email the White House and were brought to the attention of The Washington Post by Nicole West, a law student in Washington who had received it.

Trump’s tweets regularly contain misspellings, but West said: “At a minimum, it seems like it should be more formal than Twitter. It would have taken under a minute to scan this for typos. If this administration can’t be bothered to put together something as simple and generic as an auto-reply message, I can only imagine what other corners are being cut. It’s lazy and it’s embarrassing.”

At least one Twitter user also said he got the reply, calling it a “horrible, typo-ridden response” after he had emailed Trump to end the shutdown.

In his message, which includes his signature, Trump said Democrats “have continued to obstruct” his efforts to increase border security. Trump has demanded at least $5 billion for a border wall, while Democrats have held firm to $1.3 billion in new border security resources that would not include a wall.

The partial government shutdown will enter its third week Saturday. About 800,000 federal workers have been furloughed, and some congressional leaders have said the shutdown could continue for weeks.

The White House has been dogged by numerous typos and mistakes in its written communications since the start of the administration, and Trump’s tweets regularly contain misspellings.

“I remain committed to finding an agreemnet that reopens our Government and ensures that our Nation’s borders are safe and secure,” Trump wrote. “I urge Congress to rejoin me in Washington to immediatly pass appropriations legislation that properly addresses the critical issues affecting our Nation’s security and prosperity.”