As he arrived in Japan on Thursday for a meeting with global leaders, President Trump weighed in on the previous night’s Democratic debate, sharing a curious video on Twitter.

It did not take aim at any of the 10 Democrats seeking to succeed him. Instead it highlighted a technical glitch in the proceedings that forced NBC News to cut to an unplanned commercial break.

“Thank you @MSNBC, real professionals!” wrote Trump, who included the Twitter handles of Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow, the two hosts who were onstage during the second hour of the debate when the glitch occurred.

Trump’s video then blurred and blared the opening of “Crazy Train,” the 1980 hit by rocker Ozzy Osbourne. The visual of the debate stage in Miami was replaced with Trump’s dramatic backlit stage entrance on night one of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in 2016.

Before Wednesday night’s debate, there were rumblings about Trump live-tweeting the entirety of it as he flew on Air Force One from Washington to Osaka for the Group of 20 summit. That proved far from the case.

During the debate itself, Trump’s only two on-point tweets were one in which he proclaimed the event “BORING!” and another focused on the technical glitch.

“@NBCNews and @MSNBC should be ashamed of themselves for having such a horrible technical breakdown in the middle of the debate,” Trump wrote. “Truly unprofessional and only worthy of a FAKE NEWS Organization, which they are!”

The glitch occurred as Todd was asking Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) a question about gun control.

“We are hearing our colleagues’ audio,” Todd said, as voices of hosts who questioned candidates during the first hour and were no longer onstage could be heard in the auditorium.

As the problem persisted, Todd suggested they go to a commercial break.

“We prepared for everything except for this,” Maddow joked.