The campaign for presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Thursday announced its first round of television advertisements for the general election as part of a $15 million investment targeting six battleground states President Trump won in 2016.

The Biden campaign said it would run television and digital commercials in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, Florida and Arizona.

The first three are crucial Midwestern states, usually won by Democrats, where Trump narrowly prevailed in 2016 and that Biden probably must recapture to win. The rest are swing or Republican-leaning states that reflect Biden’s efforts to expand the playing field.

The campaign will also air national ads on Fox News, one of Trump’s preferred sources for news.

The ads herald a new phase in what is expected to be an expensive ad war between Biden and Trump. The states where Biden has placed his first major buys are areas where Trump’s political standing has shown signs of erosion.

Three TV ads will serve as the cornerstone of the advertising push, according to the Biden campaign. One is a minute-long commercial meant to portray Biden as an empathetic and unifying figure who contrasts sharply with Trump.

Audio from a recent speech Biden delivered in Philadelphia is heard over images of protesters and the country’s recent struggles with the novel coronavirus. “The country is crying out for leadership,” Biden says. As he vows not to “fan the flames of hate,” images of Trump and torch-bearing white supremacists show up on-screen. The ad also shows images of Trump’s widely criticized photo op in front of a church near the White House.

Another ad expresses solidarity with essential workers, such as firefighters, medical professionals, and delivery and grocery employees.

The third spot is a Spanish-language ad about people dealing with paying their bills and showing Trump playing down the pandemic.

Biden and many people featured in the ads are shown wearing protective masks.

The campaign said it would air English and Spanish-language spots in Florida and Arizona. The move comes after Biden has drawn criticism in recent months from some Hispanic leaders and activists who said his campaign has not done enough to make inroads with Latino communities.

The Biden campaign said that starting Friday — which is Juneteenth, a holiday marking the end of slavery — it will make a six-figure investment in African American print, radio and digital programming in the six battleground states.