Former President Bill Clinton, speaks at the opening of The Clinton Global Initiative America meeting, Wednesday, June 29, 2011, in Chicago. More than 700 leaders from businesses, nonprofit, and all levels of government are participating in the the two-day meeting which is focusing exclusively on driving job creation and economic growth in the United States.(AP Photo/M. Spencer Green) (M. Spencer Green/AP)

Former president Bill Clinton hasn’t been shy about discussing the 2012 presidential field recently, and he has some surprisingly positive things to say about the GOP contenders.

He praised Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-Minn.) ability to connect with voters on ABC’s “Good Morning America” last week, saying he wasn’t surprised the dark horse candidate had become a serious contender. “I’ve been watching her speak. She comes across as a real person,” Clinton said.

Clinton also said Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) is running a better campaign now than he did in 2008. “Romney comes across as more relaxed, more convicted about what he did do, less willing to just be forced into apologizing for it.”

Over the holiday weekend, Clinton found time to weigh in on the GOP field again while speaking at a conference at the nonprofit Aspen Institute.

“I like [former Utah governor Jon] Huntsman and Romney,” he told a packed room at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado.

“Huntsman hasn’t said what he’s for yet, but I just kind of like him,” the Aspen Times quoted Clinton as saying. “He looks so authentic. He looks like a real guy, a real human being. I like his family; I like that he’s kind of got an iconoclastic way. I mean he was a pretty good governor.”

But the former president and scion of the Democratic Party still predicts a win for the Democrats in 2012, of course.

“I think that the president will be reelected; I’ve always thought so,” he told the Aspen crowd, to a round of applause.

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