The Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention are coming up quickly. Here’s a quick preview of what we’re planning for Tampa and Charlotte.

For newcomers, a great place to start is our recently relaunched daily live blog Election2012, anchored by Rachel Weiner. It will provide a single place to get the most important updates of the day as they happen, along with some of the scenes from the conventions.

As some of you might know, we launched our new mobile Web site earlier this week. The conventions will be among the first occasions we’ll be able to showcase the breadth and depth of our coverage in an optimized way across our mobile platforms. Prepare now by downloading the Politics iPad app or bookmarking our mobile Web site to take advantage of our special coverage on the go.

We know that you want to watch what you want, when and where you want it. And we’re planning to deliver video, in particular, over the Web, mobile and tablet devices — live and on demand.

Most readers will be able to stream video from Tampa and Charlotte live to their mobile devices. Not only will you see key speeches as they happen, but you’ll also see our Post personalities in real time. Chris Cillizza will come to you live each night at 6 p.m. with “The Fix Hangout,” which will also stream live on YouTube Live and Google+. Nia-Malika Henderson (RNC) and Ed O’Keefe (DNC) will be asking newsmakers the key questions all day from our Washington Post video set.

Don’t worry if you miss it. Most mornings we’ll not only bring you analysis of the previous night but also give you a way to dive to full-length video and transcripts of the vice presidential and presidential candidates’ speeches. You’ll also get to review the top tweets of the night and the most popular keywords from the speeches thanks to our partnership with Votertide.

Got something to say yourself? Join us using Socialcam by taking a quick video of yourself or your friends. Tell us: “Why are you a Republican or Democrat?” You’ll join hundreds of others in answering from the conventions, and you’ll be able to browse what others have said. Be sure to friend and tag The Washington Post in your video to make sure we see your response.

Finally, find the very best of our Post journalism every day on

This is exciting for us, and we hope it shows. Come back soon, we’ll give you a tour when it’s time. See you next week.